Top Picks that you Should Embrace this Spring/Summer

We are officially in the thick of the warmer weather now in the UK. This means it is time to introduce the charm of colours in your wardrobe, to match the array of colours that nature brings throughout the season. A great approach to loading up on clothes for the spring and summer begins by thinking about versatility in detail. There are plenty of apparel to choose from, specially from our summer collection at Niro Fashion. So here are top picks that are going to make a difference in your wardrobe this year.

●    Stripes: Introduce something interesting to your wardrobe with stripes. There are a lot more choices than just the iconic Breton stripes, which can get a little less exclusive with an increased number of men incorporating it into their style. Vertical stripes are what you need to add that interest to your wardrobe. We have a large number of picks to make this look work for you. From shirts to T-shirts, we have them all. Check out our collection of shirts from Armani Jeans, CP company, Dolce and Gabbana, Sugarcane and Aquascutum to get started.
shirts from Armani Jeans
●    Cuban Collar Printed Shirts: Summer is simply not complete without the awesomeness of a printed shirt with a Cuban Collar. The refreshing prints from Sun Surf and Evisu are going to put you in the right mood for all the beach parties that are coming your way all through the seasons. The best part about these shirts is their versatility. You can wear them with just about anything from chinos or denim shorts to khakis, cargos, tailored shorts and denim jeans. Choose your pick from our vast collection of printed shirts.
Sun Surf shirt
●    Loafer Shoes: The cool and laid back look of loafer shoes is a look that has been cut out for the summer. At Niro Fashion we are huge advocates of the importance of footwear. There are not many footwear choices that are as awesome and effective as the charismatic loafer shoes. They come in a variety of colours and materials. They make a brilliant addition to any attire that you might try throughout the season.

●    Backpacks: This one is for all the travel junkies out there. With summer comes some much-needed leisure time. This means you will be travelling a lot. If you are the kind of man who likes to travel light, then you definitely need an awesome backpack from one of our collection of backpacks from RMC Jeans. The bags are designed from the ground up to look cool and laid back. We have a lot of choices in our collection for you to choose from. Dig in to add an awesome looking backpack to your wardrobe.
backpacks from RMC Jeans
●    Chino Trousers: Chinos are awesome. But we have a feeling that they become a lot more remarkable come summer. It is like they were made to bask in the radiance of the warmer months of the year. Our collection of chino trousers from Scotch and Soda are just the kind of chinos that you want to add to your wardrobe to style up all through summer and spring. There are a lot of varieties in terms of colour, each one of them bringing something special to the table.

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