Massimo Osti Birthday Sale Ends on 24 Jun 2018

Niro Fashion Sale on Massimo OstiWe enjoy hosting sales almost as much as you a customer enjoy shopping for them. Every business has a choice between working towards creating a bond with the customers or focusing entirely on profitability. Needless to say, we have decided to focus on the former. A sale is a brilliant way of engaging customers and to enrich this bond over the years since our inception, we have earned quite a reputation and recognition for our Niro Fashion sale. All we need is an occasion and we are more than willing to give our customers great deals on our impeccable collection of the latest titbits from some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.

Navy knitwear from Massimo OstiThe Massimo Osti sale is officially a go at Niro Fashion and the apparel from the legendary Italian brand are now on offer at 30% off the original price. The brand is named after its namesake, Massimo Osti was a world-renowned businessman and a celebrated personality of the fashion industry. He has been noted for his numerous contributions in textile manufacturing. He has paved the way for a whole lot of progressive styles of clothing that were possible through breakthrough techniques used with textile dyeing.

As a man obsessed with the quality of fabric that was used in the creation of menswear, he has single-handedly managed to re-engineer menswear as the world perceived it. Ideas like using the military truck tarpaulin to craft apparels, since military grade material are of the highest quality propelled him to fame. It also inspired him further to create CP Company and Stone Island. In the honour of this Italian legend, we are hosting the Massimo Osti birthday sale.

The collection of apparels from Massimo Osti are designed for the travelling man. The use of manufacturing based trade secrets, contemporary textile manufacture and a rich heritage of quality give these apparels a superior value for money. Augment by the Massimo Osti sale, you can now get your hands on some of the best products that are available in the market at the moment.Massimo Osti Hooded Knitwear
Our collection of Massimo Osti apparel comprises a healthy selection of pullovers and hooded long sleeve knitwear. We have a wide range of colours and styles that you can use during the rest of the month when the winter kicks in. These apparels are an ideal addition to the traveller’s bag as well, staying true to the values of the brand, building apparel for the travelling man. Choose from our collection of Massimo Osti apparel today to add world-class travel ready gear. It is effective, practical and most importantly appealing. Check out the Niro Fashion Massimo Osti collection to get your hands on a fine selection.

The Niro Fashion Massimo Osti sale is scheduled to end on the 24th of June. The 30% off price tag is a limited period offer only. Standard prices will be in effect at the end of the sale.  Enrich your collection of casual fashion apparel with the magic of Massimo Osti. Hurry!