Massimo Osti Birthday Sale

Massimo Osti is a name that needs no introduction, especially if you are a fashion buff. The Italian legend was a textile engineer and a fashion designer from Bologna Italy. He began his life as a working-class professional when he became a graphic designer and started to work in the advertising business. Bologna is a place that is well known for a number of businesses and was considered as one of the hubs for entrepreneurs in the 1970s. Being a young man in such an inspired environment enabled the young designer to try his hand in the world of fashion.

Sale on Massimo Osti's Birthday

He began by designing a T-shirt collection based on appealing prints. Using innovative techniques in manufacturing like silkscreen printing, he gained the attention of investors and fashion enthusiasts who wanted to make a serious business out of Massimo’s efforts. He was given an offer to spearhead a company in which he would also be an equity partner, the company would later go on to be recognized as C.P Company.

Men's KnitwearFollowing the successful initiation of C.P Company, the Italian designer used experimentation to come up with techniques to revolutionize garment dyeing. He was the first person to come up with the ‘tone on tone’ effect in fabrics that set the direction for the future of CP Company and later Stone Island, another clothing line that was pure finesse. Besides excellence with the aesthetics of the apparel made by the brands established by Massimo Osti, he also managed to introduce new fabric into the collection of apparels manufactured under the brands, some of them being fairly unconventional as well.

But it was this progressive thinking and the desire to constantly drive innovation with experimentation that led to the widespread growth of all the brand names started by Massimo Osti. Some of the later innovations in textile that the Italian visionary oversaw were brushed wool, rubber wool and thermal joint material. All of these developments helped cement the reputation of Massimo for good.

Today Massimo Osti the brand is known for the quality of the apparel that is manufactured in the fashion house. All of their products get better and better with every passing year and the brand stays true to the constant quest for innovation that was started originally by the man himself. At Niro Fashion, we are the official resellers of Massimo Osti, C.P Company and Stone Island products. All of the latest products from these brands are instantly available through our website. On the occasion of Massimo Osti’s birthday we have decided to celebrate the memory of the Italian visionary by offering our customers, 30% off on all Massimo Osti knitwear at Niro Fashion.

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