The Hardy Style

Tom Hardy is one of Hollywood’s most successful British actors. He has graced the silver screen for quite some time now. One of the many reasons why Tom is a fashion icon comes from his ability to pull off a wide variety of apparel. He can look rugged, youthful, and sophisticated, effortlessly. Tom is just as versatile with his fashion as he is with his acting skills. His simple approach to style and the resultant effectiveness that comes with it makes him one of the most widely followed men in the film fraternity today.

Tom Hardy in a grey t-shirtWhitesville Grey T-Shirt We are huge fans of Tom here at Niro Fashion. Hence, upon having studied his style closely, we conclude that it is quite simple for you to incorporate his style into your own personal style. There really are just two main aspects of which most of Tom’s style circles around. Tom almost always goes either all-out formal or casual. This little aspect of simplicity to his style makes it relatively easier for adoption.

Let us now take a closer look at the components that make up his style.

•    T-Shirts: You may have noticed by now, Tom is a huge fan of t-shirts when he is enjoying some quality leisure time. His choice of t-shirts is usually solid coloured plain and cool prints. This helps accentuate his well-built physique. This also gives an insight into the fact that he dresses according to his body type. Both his long and short sleeved t-shirts, offer a close body fit. This is one of the main reason behind his refreshingly masculine look.

•    Shirts: Like we mentioned earlier, when Tom is not rocking the ‘hot hunk’ look he is usually going full blown formal. This is made up of classic dress shirts in light colours usually white. His tendency to stick to classic styled suits and tuxedos give his style that remarkable magnificence that is usually flattered in fashion blogs.

White Shirt for Men
•    Jackets and Coats: Another apparel that contributes to the whole Tom Hardy ruggedness is the jacket. Tom is frequently seen with a jacket on and he wears a wide variety of them. His favourite though appears to be bombers. He wears them with almost all the styles and varieties that they come in. A good long hard look at Tom’s style should give you an insight into the importance of a good bomber jacket in your wardrobe.

•    Trousers: From denim jeans to cargo trousers and chinos, the British actor is seen wearing a variety of trousers. He also wears some of those ‘tactical’ trousers that make him look like he just got off the helicopter after successfully completing a military mission! But the single thing that is common to all of his trouser choices is that he really is into comfort and likes to wear them a little loose. The old-school approach to Tom’s looks is one of the main reasons that contribute to his attractive and masculine looks.

Men's Chinos
•    Footwear: Understated and again rugged are the two words that can be used to describe the choice of Tom’s footwear. Boots with a thick sole, simple trainers and flawless looking polished leather shoes make up the crux of Tom’s style. They are as simple as his choice of apparel but extremely effective at the same time.
Men's leather shoes from Hugo Boss
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