The Queen’s Birthday

Today is the Official Birthday of the queen. It is a grand event in the UK that is full of spectacular displays. The city of London is decorated with the colours of our flag with people gathering to get glimpses of the city’s grandeur and to wish the Queen on the day of this occasion. More popularly known as ‘The Long Weekend’, it is an event that takes place on the second Saturday of June every year and is a long weekend indeed!

Besides just being all about the queen, the Long weekend is also that time of the year where citizens of Great Britain are recognized for their service to the community and society with the Birthday Honours. In British diplomatic missions, the day is treated as the National day of the United Kingdom. Civil servants of the state are given a ‘privilege day’ at this time of the year to create the long weekend. The mall outside Buckingham Palace is filled with flag-waving merrymakers dressed in the colours of the Union Jack to see the Royal Family as they stand on the balcony for the Queen’s Birthday.

The icing on the cake for this year is the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, a brand new addition to the picture perfect Royal family. There are going to be over 1500 parading soldiers, 200 horses and close to 400 musicians completing the day with a spectacle that matches almost any festival on the planet in terms of sheer majesty and brilliance. Her Majesty the queen and the people of London will watch the flybys from the Royal Air Force, followed by a 41 gun salute in Green Park to mark the occasion, along with millions of viewers online and on the television.

The actual birthday of the queen is in the month of April and is a completely private event. The official birthday is the result of a tradition started by King George, more than 250 years ago in 1748. The king was born in the month of November which was not a very good time of the year to hold the Grand parades that should accompany a Monarch s birthday. Since the king wanted to make it possible to have a big public celebration, a day was created during the summer for the occasion. A smart man indeed!
Niro Fashion
At Niro Fashion we wish the Queen a great day and the recipients of the Birthday Honours, hearty congratulations. We thank them for their service to society. We also thank our beloved soldiers for their service to the country and wish them the very best for their life. There is a long weekend ahead of us ladies and gentlemen and let us make the rest of the year the best one we have had in our lives so far.

We also take this moment to let our customers know that we have more goodies coming your way in the coming months in the form of some of the hottest new fashion titbits that you could possibly buy. Stay tuned for more updates, and a special sale coming your way. Happy Long Weekend everyone!