Top 5 Products on Niro Fashion SALE that You Can’t Afford to Miss

There is a huge selection of products waiting for you at the sale section of our website. We began the Niro Fashion 4th of July sale at the end of June and we have decided to extend it until the 29th of July. This means more shopping time which is a good thing considering the sheer number of products and apparel featured in the sale. There are products from a total of seven American brands currently on display at up to 35% off on the original price. This diverse selection of menswear consists of shirts, denim jeans, jackets and T-shirts. Each one of these products is guaranteed to spice up your casual fashion like never before.

Now that we have decided to include a large collection of men’s apparel in our sale, we realize that it can be quite the task to find what really looks good on you. The best approach to finding clothes is to consider a dressing scenario and compiling an ensemble that you are going to wear for that scenario. We have decided to make the task of choosing apparel easy for you by putting together a list of Items to look out for in the Niro Fashion sale.

Ready? Here we go!

●    Levis 501: We have quite a collection of Levis denim jeans in stock. But there is something very special about the Levis 501 denim jeans. These denim jeans are a modern-day incarnation of the old legendary 501 denim jeans. They pack plenty of charm and they are styled with a worn look to give your casual fashion a contemporary feel.

501 Levis Jeans
●    Whitesville Letterman Jacket: Styled after the classic American varsity jackets, the Whitesville jacket is designed to turn some heads. It comes styled with a leather sleeve and a wool made body. The form factor of the letterman jacket is enhanced by the font based applique design that gives it an unmistakably American charm. These jackets are very rare, here’s your chance to get your hands on this awesome apparel
Letterman Jacket
●    LA Airline T-shirt: Of all the designs that we have in stock, the LA airline Bandido t-shirt is one of our favourites. Take a look at the vivid and super cool design on this one and you will begin to understand exactly why. This short sleeve T-shirt is styled with the signature LA Airline styling, something we haven’t come across yet with any other product made by another brand. You are going to regret missing out on this one. Check it out now!
Men's Bandido T-shirt from LA Airline
●    Carhartt Check shirt: There is something pleasant and soothing about a blue coloured shirt. More so when it has a checked design. This blue Reynolds checked shirt from Carhartt is a splendid addition to your wardrobe. It is charming, versatile, durable and most importantly it is Carhartt.
Check Shirt for Men from Carhartt
●    Cheswick Pullover: The pleasant grey and white colour combination of the college football crew neck sweatshirt, with its classic font based styling makes it an ideal choice for staple wearing. It fits seamlessly into your casual fashion and you can wear it with denim jeans and chino trousers alike with equal effectiveness. It is comfortable and practical at the same time and you can incorporate its style into a wide variety of dressing scenarios.
Cheswick Football Sweatshirt for MenCheck out these products today to outfit your wardrobe with the style and quality of these world-renowned American brands.