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Carhartt is one of those classic American apparel makers that went on to become fabled across the world when the apparel that it used to make for the working class men began to see mainstream success. Carhartt, the brand was founded in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt, when he decided to enter into the textile business by receiving contracts to manufacture work clothes for manual labourers. The company’s primary focus was railroad workers and their need for sturdy and heavy-duty clothing.

Carhartt today has managed to stay true to its origins as a maker of sturdy, durable and high-quality apparels that are also weather resistant. But that’s not all, the brand has successfully managed to diversify into a trendsetter that has a significant influence on mainstream fashion. Carhartt brings in a fine blend of quality, progressive style and contemporary looks into all of its products. These attributes make Carhartt products interesting and engaging.

At Niro fashion, we are a resource that brings the best of globally acclaimed brands for men through an extremely convenient medium, our website. Carhartt is one such brand and just to make things interesting for our customers, we have decided to feature our collection of Carhartt products in a Niro Fashion sale at up to 35% off. Get your hands on the latest products at prices that will are guaranteed to make you regret missing out on our sale. Here are our top picks of Carhartt products:
Grey Shirt from Carhartt
●    Carhartt Heather Grey Shirt: Checks are in, haven’t you heard? This checked shirt is crafted from Woven cotton and is designed to be used throughout the year. It is not too thick for the summer nor too thin for the winter. Couple this with its brilliant checks, this shirt is an ideal way to add some sophistication to your casual and smart casual fashion.

Denim Shirt from Carhartt
●    Carhartt Slim Fit Denim Shirt: This denim shirt is another fine pick that will augment your casual fashion. Wear this shirt with faded denim jeans to rock the double denim look or sport the street look by pairing it with a pair of chinos. You can also wear it under a blazer in Navy blue or Black.

Carhartt Shirt for Summer
●    Carhartt Men’s Slim-fit Home Run shirt: Considering how we are still in the thick of summer, this one would be a practical choice. This Hawaiian shirt is perfect for wearing with shorts, chinos and denim jeans. The versatility of this printed shirt is the reason why it features in our list today. The pleasant and soothing print of the shirt blends in well with the summertime sunshine. Check it out now.

Carhartt Chambray shirt
●    Carhartt Men’s Chambray button down shirt: The geometric triangles on this printed chambray shirt come together to create a smart looking apparel that makes for an interesting style statement. It is smart enough to be used with smart casuals and cool enough for casuals.

Carhartt Navy Jacket for Men
●    Carhartt Navy Campbell Jacket: No ‘top picks’ list featuring Carhartt clothing is complete without the iconic baseball style jackets made by the American design house. The Campbell jacket is the living embodiment of the legacy of Carhartt, the brand. It is styled with beige coloured sleeves and is refreshingly American with its classic baseball jacket style.

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