Beach It Up

Good old summer is finally here and it is actually hot this year. How we have all waited for it. This means it is time to enjoy the sunshine, all the parties and of course, the beach. Speaking of spending time at the beach, when was the last time you really made the effort to dress it all up? What? Dress up for the beach? But of course! Just because you have on a pair of swimming trunks and a t-shirt doesn’t mean you are beach ready. You need to beach it up. Remember there are going to be a lot of ladies around.

Granted if you have been hitting the gym, your physique will do most of the talking, but how long before you finally realize that you need to get the sand off your body and get a garment on, just so you don’t feel like you are being barbequed by the sun? To really look good when hanging out by the sea and sand this summer, you are going to need to load up on some of the beach-ready apparel in our collection. Before you get to that, let us check out some styles that you can go with.
RMC Denim Shorts
•    Denim Shorts and Printed t-shirts: Denim shorts are going to help you stand out during your visits to the beach. Supplement them with a cool printed t-shirt. The beach is the ideal place for you to exhibit your taste in printed apparel. The combination of a pair of denim shorts and a printed tee is a contemporary look with a classic feel. Any printed t-shirt from our vast collection of RMC Jeans, Evisu, Versace, Armani Jeans, and more will be a fine choice. Try them with our collection of denim shorts from RMC Jeans.
RMC Shorts
•    Open Shirts and Shorts: Our collection of printed shirts give you the variety and the level of sophistication that you need in order to make your style statement this summer. The open shirt is a look that gives onlookers (especially the ladies!) a peek at your physique without making you look like you are trying too hard to get noticed walking around without a top. Although it is a very simple style statement, it can be very powerful when you make it dressed in a Hawaiian shirt from Sun Surf for example.
Sun Surf Shirts
•    Stand Alone shorts: Sometimes strolling around with just shorts on by the beach can feel refreshing. Everyone likes the feel of a pleasant breeze on their skin. If you are sporting the summer body, thanks to all the workout sessions you have been enduring, you can make a simple yet very effective style statement with shorts. From chino shorts to denim and athleisure inspired ones, there are so many choices that you can adopt with this style.

•    Beach Party Attire: A summer season is incomplete without beach party and there are so many varieties of them. Boat parties, Pool parties, events at the club and so much more are an important aspect of socializing during the summer. Light coloured shirts, chino trousers, shorts and boat shoes give your attire the level of sophistication that you would require when attending one of these events.

Check out the collection of shirts, shorts and chinos from Sugarcane, Carhartt, Sun Surf, Scotch and more. Spend summer this year with a style meant for the beach.