Building a Basic Wardrobe

As the sellers of premium men’s fashion apparel, we simply cannot stress enough about the importance of dressing well. Dressing well and looking fashionable must not be limited only to occasions where you are required to mingle in a social gathering. It can be a daily thing. From going to the gym to attending a cocktail party, once you put in the efforts to maintain a great wardrobe, your style is bound to benefit from it exponentially. Dressing well has many benefits the best of which has to do with enabling people to perceive you as a man who is conscious about attention to detail.
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How we dress up influences the perception of the people around us. A well-dressed man always has the attention of people around him. It also makes him feel confident, composed and sophisticated. This is especially useful when you are in a professional environment competing with the others for growth in your career. In simple words, earning the reputation as a ‘well-dressed man’ doesn’t take a lot of effort at all, which is exactly why you should try it. It all begins with building a good basic wardrobe.

●    T-shirts: T-shirt is the most popularly used apparel by men all over the world. It is comfortable, stylish and simple. Simplicity is the key when you are buying tees. Look to add a few tonal T-shirts to your wardrobe, it is a great way to begin. Black, Grey and white are some of the colours that you should look to stick to. Also, add a great mix of printed t-shirts to your arsenal of clothes to make things interesting. Check out our collection from Versace Jeans, Ijin, Armani, RMC Jeans and many more.
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●    Jeans: The only thing that brings out the best in your T-shirts is a pair of denim jeans. They have a rugged look that will flatter your physique like few other pieces of menswear apparel can. What you need is a pair of denim jeans that fit your body well. Play around with the colour tones, patterns and wash patterns. An ideal wardrobe must have at least five denim jeans that you can wear frequently. Our collection of denim jeans from Armani Jeans, Levis, RMC Jeans, Hugo Boss, and Yoropiko will set you up.

●    Bespoke Suit: Even if you work in a professional environment that does not require you to be dressed in formal clothing all the time, you should invest in a couple of men’s suits. When you get invited to a posh event with a great dress code, you should not be caught off guard. Our made to measure services will guide you through everything that you need for such an occasion.

●    Jacket and Coat: A pair of jackets to spice up your casual fashion and a blazer are a must. Something simple like an interesting bomber jacket will give your casual fashion an edge. With a blazer you can leverage the smart looks of a smart casual ensemble. Smart casual style has garnered a widespread acceptance as an integral part of the dress code making a blazer a necessity.
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●    Footwear: A good wardrobe is effective only with some great footwear in it. White trainers, Oxford shoes, Desert boots and Chelsea Boots are some of the footwear essentials that you need to add to your wardrobe. Our collection of boots from Clarks Originals, Lone Wolf, Android Homme, Hugo Boss and more will help you complete your basic wardrobe.

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