The Chino Story

Chino trousers are another apparel that has a rich military heritage. But unlike desert boots and bomber jackets, they are derivatives of another iconic military wear. The Khaki trousers are the predecessors to the Chino trousers. These trousers were created for British Indian soldiers who were a part of the army back in the late 19th century. It was after they made an appearance in the United States Army for their comfort, which they went on to take the form of Chino trousers. The world ‘Chino’ comes from the Spanish word for China.
Scotch and Soda Chinos
They were initially made out of cotton twill and they closely resembled the original Khaki trousers. The modern style of the apparel is said to have originated from the style that was developed by Chinese manufacturers who customized the British design in order to save cloth. As a result of this, they were narrower and offered a closer fit to the body. With the increased use of natural dyes and the need for the uniforms to be more camouflaged, they became darker than the Khakis. With their introduction into the continental British service dress they went on to become olive green in colour. Chinos were an integral part of the British army till the end of the Second World War

Black Chinos from Scotch and Soda Returning soldiers from the World War began to wear their military uniform as citizen’s clothing. With this, flat fronted Chino trousers went on to garner mainstream attention. They quickly became a part of the smart wardrobe of men all over Europe cementing their reputation as a fashion staple. Today Chino trousers come in a wide variety of colours and a range of different fits, making them more essential than ever before. There are simply so many different styles that you can achieve with Chino trousers. From smart to casual and smart casual, there are so many ways to wear them and style them. Here are a few ways to style them well:

●    With T-shirts and Polo Shirts: Ditch your denim jeans and wear Chino trousers with neutral coloured polo shirts and T-shirts for some eye-catching looks. Plain white Polos and T-shirts worn with light coloured Chino trousers and a pair of white sneakers is a look that is trending at the moment. It is a classic look that has stood the test of time and is still going strong. Blue Chinos from Scotch and Soda

●    With Knitted pullovers: The smart look of knitwear matches that of Chino trousers really well. It is almost like Knitted pullovers were created for use with Chinos. From printed knitwear to simple solid coloured ones, there is a wide range of style choices that you can conjure up with both these awesome apparels.

●    With Blazers: When it comes to versatility, the Chino trousers remain unchallenged. You can dress them up or down on demand. Wearing blazers with chino trousers is a novel way of dressing up your ensemble. You can determine the level of formality of your attire by using well-polished leather shoes or trainers, depending on what you are trying to achieve with your attire.

●    With Shirts: Pairing up oxford dress shirts with a pair of Chino Trousers is another effective way of creating a simple and effective smart attire. It is an attire that you can wear to the office. It is a combination that is comfortable, stylish and easy to pull off.

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