From Workwear to Fashion Favourite – Carpenter Boots

Lone Wolf Boots for MenThe 1950s were regarded as the golden era of American workwear. The Second World War had come to an end and the Americans had won. But there were casualties and damages. The wounded nation needed the strength of hardworking men to recover from the pain of battle. The late 1940s and the 1950s were a crucial time in the history of the country, it was being rebuilt. This meant a joint and a collective effort from all the citizens, especially the working class. The textile industry began designing workwear and footwear that were designed to last the arduous work environment. Thus began the dawn of workwear.

Like it was the case with denim jeans, these workwear items went on to become fashionable. Their rugged and robust aesthetics caught on. Work boots became a very important part of this trend. The best part was that besides their good looks, they were designed to last long and this came as a win-win situation for all the men who decided to use work boots more frequently in their lifestyle. It is safe to say that work boots have not gone out of fashion at all for close to seven decades!

A Blast from the Past – Lone Wolf Carpenter Boots

This brings us to our very own collection of work boots. As a premium source of the latest trends in men’s fashion, we bring to you the awe-inspiring goodness of Sugarcane Lone Wolf Carpenter boots.

The Sugarcane Carpenter work boots are based off a very popular trend from the 1930s. They are crafted from a full grain steer leather that is tanned using a proprietary process for weeks together. Then the leather is dyed brown and hand stitched (like back in the good old days). Despite its sturdy construction, a pair of Lone Wolf carpenter leather boots are comfortable and flexible at the same time thanks to the tanning and construction process that remains a closely guarded secret of the brand.
Lone Wolf Carpenter boots for men
What Makes Them Special?

The Lone Wolf Carpenter boots are refreshingly vintage, in terms of construction as well as looks. The company preserves the goodness of the classic workwear boots of the 1930s by choosing leather and rubber over modern-day synthetics for the sole. The Carpenter boots feature a high-quality leather outer sole that is stitched and nailed to what the company calls, ‘Cat’s Paw’ rubber heels that are designed to give the wearer a superior grip. The Cat’s paw soles were considered to be the best rubber soles that were practical for workwear back in the day.

With the carpenter boots Sugarcane Co has managed to recreate the magic of a classic pair of work boots that look good as well. They come with other features that were a part of classic workwear boots like, removable false tongue, protected toe box, hand lasted uppers, inbuilt steel shank for heavy duty support and a lot more.

The Lone Wolf work boots are best worn with our collection of slim fit denim jeans from Armani and checked shirt from Carhartt. We have all the things that you need to conjure up a brilliant classic workwear style. Check out the boots today.