Packing for a Business Trip

Mens's Bespoke SuitBusiness trips are a whole lot of fun. First of all, it is an all-expenses-paid trip from your company and you get to spend some time away. But the important thing to remember is that you are there to represent your employer. This means you need to look nothing short of spectacular in front of the people who will be interacting with you. So what you are going to carry on the trip will define your client’s perception of you. There is no room for error!

The first thing to remember when you are packing for the trip is that versatility is key. You need to pack apparels that are easy to dress up and down. This will give you the leverage to be ready for many different kinds of scenarios. A business meeting can lead to dinners or even a few drinks. So you can’t look like you are about to enter the boardroom with your client when you have just been invited to unwind now, can you?  That’s right, dressing down is important too!

Here are some things that you need to load up on:Men's Chinos

●    Bespoke Suit: Absolutely necessary. You simply do not stand a better chance of impressing your client dressed in anything else other than a bespoke suit. Also throw in a navy blue blazer into the mix, unless you are carrying a Navy Suit in the first place. We also recommend going with a grey coloured suit. The pants will work with your Navy blazer to make a completely new outfit that is as grand looking as your grey suit. The colour of your shoes and your shirt would need to change as well.

●    Formal Trousers: Besides a spare blazer, carrying a second set of trousers in a colour that will match your primary suit and the Navy blue blazer can be very handy. A pair of cotton chinos in a colour that will complement everything else and the colour of your shirt is the perfect option. They are lightweight and comfortable as well.

●    Dress Shirts: You need at least three different shirts in colours which match your suit, the navy blazer and your spare trousers as well. White, light shades of blue and pink are usually the safest option. They mimic the colour tonality of a pure white shirt. You can plan the colour of your shirts by knowing what events you are going to be attending. Depending on how formal or casual they are, you can carry darker or lighter shades of the colours mentioned above.
Men's White Shirt
●    Shoes: If it is something like a weekend-long trip, one pair of lace-up leather shoes should usually do the trick. But we highly recommend carrying a spare set of shoes in case of an unforeseen event like getting caught off guard by rain. While fashion experts consider brown to be a fairly casual colour, it does carry its own level of brilliance. Also brown works perfectly well with a grey suit, the navy blazer and chino trouser as well.
Lace-up shoes for Men
If you have a well-defined itinerary of your trip and if it happens to contain semi-formal events like a meet at a club or a pub, a couple of polo shirts that match your chino trousers is a great idea. You can pack a pair of brogue shoes in brown to match the dress code for such an event. Also, carry both brown and black leather belts with simple yet sturdy looking buckles. You can choose between the colours, depending on the colour of the shoes that you will be wearing.