The Bomber Squad

Jackets that have their roots based in military use seem to have become the stuff of legends. Just like the biker jacket from Schott, a company that used to make jackets for the US Marines. When they took off to fandom with their ‘Perfecto’, the ‘bomber jacket’ was originally used by pilots and looked so good on them that this style eventually trickled down into the streets and went on to make history. Although originally made from leather their popularity has led to a large number of variations in the way they have been made.

Bomber Jacket with camo print

Why are we talking about bomber jackets again? Well for starters, there are not many apparel that are as good looking as they are and secondly there simply are so many things that you can do with them. Typically, a bomber jacket is identified by its ribbed cuff, hem, front zip closure and defined neck. Some have a hood too. The only thing that is common between all of the variations of bomber jackets are just how good looking they are!

RMC Bomber Jackets for MenTo begin to understand how to wear them let us first understand the types of Bomber jackets that are available. The most common and the most easily accessible type of bombers are made from nylon or polyester fabric. They come in a fantastic variety of colours and patterns. They are lightweight and very effective when it comes to beating the cold. With the nylon bomber you can also get its intrinsic water resistant and weatherproof properties as well. Also thanks to the latest technological developments made in breathable fabric there are also Bombers that are made from these wonderful new synthetic materials as well.

If you are a no nonsense, no frills kind of a guy then the leather Bomber is the obvious choice for you. Considerably lighter than the full-fledged biker jacket, the leather Bomber also offers you excellent water resistance. But simply nothing can beat them in terms of good looks. A Leather Bomber is guaranteed to make both men and women turn their heads when you are out on the street going about your business! Leather Bomber are just perfect for the British winter.

Although not as common, the woollen variations of the bomber jacket are unique in terms of looks. They have a certain subtlety to their look which conveys magnificence. Woollen bombers are the most unique looking of all the three variations of Bomber jackets.Yoropiko Woollen Jacket

Creating your own style with Bomber jackets is very easy, given their versatility. Mix and match your Bomber jacket with denim jeans and light coloured t-shirts to get that evergreen young and youthful look. This is a classic look that has flattered many young men for decades. Alternatively bombers have a distinct ability to work with chinos and cotton pants as well. Try them with solid coloured shirts and Chino trousers and sit back and enjoy all the compliments that you are going to get during casual Friday at the office. The newest trend that is slowly making waves is the Sport Luxe. We all love fun and lively t-shirts and track trousers. They simply look and feel so good. Throw on a Bomber with this look inspired by the ‘Athleisure’ style to feel like you have just stepped back into your college days.

Styles of the past are making a comeback with a bang and bombers are one of them. Go ahead and try the time tested flair of bomber jackets this winter.