Top Five Menswear Components that Will Get Better

The world of men’s fashion is full of items that get better with age. That’s right, just like wine, these fashion apparel get better and better with every year that goes by. This means you should load up on them now so you can enjoy the unabashed charm of their good looks when they get better. These apparel begin to get better in terms of texture, fit or aesthetics. There is absolutely no match for an authentic apparel that has aged well. Its natural looks can only be replicated so much by manufacturing methods. Like the stunning good looks of a pair of raw selvedge denim jeans for example.

Here are the five vital components of menswear that age as well as wine:

Sugarcane Aviator leather jacket

• Leather Jacket: There is something very elegant about aged horsehide leather. The material tends to warp and ‘crumble’ according to the body movement of the wearer. The material also tends to become supple. These wear patterns look a lot more elegant than a brand new leather jacket. But make no mistake, these fine patterns are the result of ageing and not abuse. Wrinkles that arise from poop maintenance are another story altogether. This brings us to one more reason for you to get your hands on the spectacular classic biker jacket from Sugarcane.

Carhartt Cotton shirt with checks

• Flannel Shirts: The checks are always in trend, but did you know that flannel is made of soft yet dense fibers that bleed the dye of the shirt to make it look mellow? This mellowed down look gives the flannel shirt, its ‘aged look’. This is one of the reasons why the checked shirt has been an integral part of the grunge rock fashion. Its rustic nature when it ages makes it ideal for use with distressed and ripped denim jeans as well. Check out our collection of shirts from Carhartt and RMC MKWS to experience the aged look of an authentic check shirts, first hand.

RMC Raw Indigo Jeans

• Raw Denim Jeans: The rocking good looks of raw denim jeans needs no introduction. They are one of the most loved apparels on the planet for their raw and rugged looks. Unlike washed denim jeans, raw denim jeans conform to the shape of the body of the wearer like a mould. Raw denim jeans tend to form patterns and marks on the surface of the fabric with use. Once you have ‘styled’ your denim jeans long enough, you can wash them to make these patterns permanent. The best of raw denim jeans come dyed with natural indigo. Natural indigo disintegrates elegantly unlike synthetic dyes. Looking for an authentic pair of raw denim jeans styled with indigo dye? Check out our section of RMC denim jeans!

Leather shoes from Hugo Boss

• Leather Shoes: Whether they are in brown or in black colour, leather shoes have grains that expose themselves with age. These fine patterns of grains give the leather shoe a charming look. When the shoes are made of premium leather they tend to look better and more elegant. This is one of the main reasons why we are passionate advocates of purchasing quality shoes even if they cost a fair amount of money, like the derby shoes from Hugo Boss that we have in stock currently.

Beige Hunter boots from Lone Wolf

• Welted Boots: Take a good long hard look at the Lone Wolf boots. The first thing that you will notice about them is their build quality. They are built using a technique called Goodyear Welting which provides a tighter bond between the uppers and the sole of the boots.

Add the charm of apparels that age well to your wardrobe today. Check out our collection!