5 Items You Can’t Afford to Miss On-Sale this Thanksgiving

Thankgiving SaleAs the year begins to draw to a close the first of the large holiday seasons, Thanksgiving is upon us. Although traditionally an all American thing, we love Thanksgiving here in the UK and there is no doubt about it. At NiroFashion, we are no exception to this. It is a fun time full of hugs, card exchanges and homemade food. As a matter of fact, we like to think of Thanksgiving as an early Christmas. So on this occasion we have decided to liven the festive season further by introducing the Niro Fashion Black Friday sale.

All our products on Niro Fashion are now featured at a flat 15% off. For those of you who had been postponing a good purchase, you can now have a go at it. Also, those of you who are looking for great gift ideas for that special man in your life should check out our collection of men’s apparels and accessories. The sale is in progress and is scheduled to end on the 28th of November. This means that you have less than a week to make the most of the sale. To give you a jumpstart, we have listed out the top five items to look out for during the sale.

Scotch and Soda denim jeans• Denim Jeans: There is no man on the face of the earth who does not like a good pair of denim jeans and since we have a great collection here with us at Niro Fashion, we find it fitting that you should begin here. The stars of our denim show are the slim fit denim jeans from Scotch and Soda and Armani Jeans. The headliners are the remarkably awesome vintage styled jeans from Levi’s and the embroidered wonders from RMC Jeans. There is something with us for men with a diverse range of tastes in casual fashion.

Armani Knitwear• Knitwear: We are in the thick of winter and this sale is going to be the perfect opportunity for men looking to load up on some warm, cosy and good looking knitted pullovers. Armani Jeans, Thug or Angel and Massimo Osti comprise of our biggest collection of Knitted pullovers. All of them work well with a variety of different trousers. This is one of the most versatile items in our list today, which is why you must check out the collection of Knitwear.

Sugarcane denim jackets• Jackets: If you have been wondering if our focus is biased towards winter wear, then you are right! After all, practicality is the key to a great style! We have leather jackets, bomber jackets, denim, functional and a whole lot of other styles. A jacket is also another brilliant gift idea which people cherish for a long time. From the extremely unique styles of RMC jeans to the denim jackets from Sugarcane, you will be spoiled for variety when you head on over to our ‘Jackets Section.

Scotch and Soda shirt • Men’s Shirts: A good shirt is a timeless gift for the gentleman. From dress shirts to casual shirts, fans of formal and smart casual fashions can dig into our collection of men’s shirts. Our collection of mens casual shirts from Scotch and Soda, Carhartt, Armani Jeans, Moschino and Versace are guaranteed to make quite an impression for you as a gift idea for that special man. If you are on the lookout for dress shirts, look no further than our collection from Versace, Sugarcane, Scotch and Soda for starters.

Italian Leather Wallet in Black• Wallets: There has never been a gift that is as simple yet grand for a man like a nice leather wallet. Browse through our collection of wallets from RMC jeans to find some impeccable choices. Unique looking wallets make a great impression on the person who receives it. Our collection of RMC Jeans wallets are nothing short of memorable.

We wish you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving 2018!