Clothes with Attitude

Raw selvedge denim jeansAttitude is defined as “A settled way of thinking or feeling about something” and “Uncooperative behaviour,” according to the informal North American definition of the word. The true meaning of the word “attitude” in the world of fashion has a completely different meaning. The meaning can be defined with multiple definitions of the word. Take the actors, James Dean, Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen for example. They all had that “attitude” in their prime, not only in their movies but also in their personal life. Men wanted to be like them and women wanted to be with them!

This attitude means anything but the bad boy image that they carried, especially Mr Bando, fabled for being the quintessential bad boy with the overtones of an anti-hero. It has more to do with the exception that they created in the minds of their audience, that of the ultimate rugged and masculine looking man. They all however managed to do it with the help of attire that gave them this image. Let us take a look at some of their items with attitude.

• Slim Fit Raw Denim: It is impossible to compile a list of clothing items with attitude and not include denim jeans in them. Raw selvedge denim jeans comprise of the best quality jeans that money can buy. But most importantly, as they age they give you that familiar rugged look which everyone craves. This looks the best when you are wearing slim fit denim jeans. The flattering looks and the sophistication of raw denim jeans give it a spot in our list of clothing items with attitude.

Black Leather Jeans

• Leather Jacket: There is nothing more badass than a leather jacket in a man’s wardrobe, nothing! This is the reason why it features regularly into our list of things that define masculinity. The look and the aura of a leather jacket is the embodiment of everything that defines the word attitude from a sartorial point of view. It accentuates your body, it keeps you warm, most importantly it makes you look like a man who knows what attitude is all about.

Carpenter Boots from Lone Wolf• Boots: They have the thick sole and a ‘high top’ look. All of these attributes impart a level of toughness to your appearance. Boots work the best with denim jeans only as a part of a style that has been a timeless classic. With the advent of technology, we have new fabric and other custom apparels such as the tactical trousers which bring out the best in boots as well. In short, you need a sexy looking pair of black or dark brown leather boots to be able to pull off looks with attitude, seamlessly.

Men's T-shirt in White• Well Fitted T-shirts: Fashion experts have always said that a plain white t-shirt is the most masculine looking item on a man, especially if he is well built. Recent scientific studies have shown this to be true. The combination of a plain white t-shirt and indigo denim jeans packs quite a punch. On the lines of this classic combination, you can also explore your own style with athleisure clothing. Skinny fit sports t-shirts carry that unmistakable attitude in them as well.

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