Men’s Suit Colours Ranked

Suits are a very important part of a man’s life here in the UK. They are the cornerstone of almost every business dress code in the country, especially for top level management. You are going to need more suits than you think, especially if you are an aspiring businessman, entrepreneur or a highly motivated professional in pursuit of excellence in business. But the thing about suits is that they are expensive, especially because they are made of top quality fabrics. Many have limited funds, especially if there is a mortgage, a new family, kids and so on. Investing in two to three sets of suits may not be such a great idea.

The only way to create a suit wardrobe that has variety and versatility is to take things one step at a time. Start off with essential colours, the ones that are more important. Some colours are more important and useful than the others. So today we have decided to rank suit colours according to their usability to give you a better idea of what you need to add to your wardrobe first. You can prioritize your options based on this and reach out to us for a custom, made to measure suit.

Men's Navy Blue Bespoke Suit

  1. Navy Blue: Navy blue suits work brilliantly with a wide range of shoe colours. Brown, Black and Oxblood, all of them look absolutely elegant and professional with a navy blue suit. This versatility is the reason why the navy blue suit is number one on our list today. It can also take some variations in shirt colours, which augments its versatility. You can substitute the standard white shirt in favour of a light pink or blue to introduce subtle variations in your style.
  2. Charcoal/Dark Grey: Dark grey colour for a suit is often the primary choice of wearing for some of the most powerful men on earth. This list of men includes bureaucrats, senators and presidents. Charcoal grey adds loads of maturity to your style. It also makes an effective contrast with the colour of the shirt giving your style a distinct and a powerful demeanour. However, it is a little rigid in terms of suit and shirt colours that work with it. Shirts that have a standard contrast like white and black are usually the ideal choice for wearing with a dark grey suit. Similarly black and very rarely, dark brown shoes are considered to be the norm with a grey suit.
    Men's Grey Bespoke Suit
  3. Medium Grey: Think of this is as the more relaxed and easy going counterpart of the dark grey suit. Its light grey tone makes it more versatile than the former. But then the versatility comes at a price. Medium grey suit is considered to be less formal. On the brighter side, you can wear a variety of brown coloured shoes with this suit, including brogues and derby shoes. But remember, this suit is not ideal for something like a red carpet event to which you have been invited, to represent your organization, for example.
    Men's Black Bespoke Suit
  4. Black: It is deeply ironic that a black suit, considered to be the most formal and the most sophisticated colour of the lot, comes in at #4 on this list. This is because of the lack of versatility of a black suit when compared to the other colours we have just covered. However, a black suit is absolutely necessary since nothing else can be a substitute for a black tie event. If you happen to be a very important part of top level management in your organization, you are going to need a black suit handy.

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