Dressing Up for the Office Christmas Party

Every year there are going to be Christmas parties everywhere. When they happen to be at the workplace, it is very easy to get stressed out. There is no man among us who has not experienced some anxiety when it comes to figuring out what to wear. This can quickly transform into the heebie-jeebies especially when you are looking to make a great impression on the people higher up in the management who are going to be there with watchful eyes. Deck up too well and you might get judged for trying too hard. Take the simple route to your attire and it will get mistaken for hardly putting in any effort at all. It is a tough world out there!

Usually, when it comes to selecting an attire, the sheer number of choices that are available are what kickstart the anxiety. What to wear what not to wear. What shoes are going to work well with an attire, do you wear a tie? Questions and more questions everywhere. So given how there is less than a month for the most coveted festival of the year, we have decided to address the situation with our suggestions. Ready? Here we go.

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First things first, it is best to know what the dress code is. If it happens to be a black tie event, (yes those events are fairly common, especially if you are headed to a party in a posh restaurant or resort), then you don’t have to worry much. Simply invest in a tuxedo or a black bespoke suit and pick out a tie and top off the look with black Oxfords, easy-peasy. Now when there is no dress code is when you need to get those gears in your brain working. To address you dressing situation in a systematic way, you basically have three approaches, to go full suited up, tone down the ravishing looks of a good suit by going smart casual or to take things easy and spice up a casual look.

• Smart Casual Festivities: When you are unsure of how smartly you need to dress, the smart casual routes almost always sort you out. It is a very versatile look and you will fit right into a gathering of suited up or casually dressed men with hardly any effort at all. Try and balance out the formal aspects of your style with casual apparels like a knitted pullover. A good knitted jumper worn over a plain shirt instantly introduces the casual vibe into your style. Combine this look with a blazer and tailored trousers and complete the look with Brogues, Derby shoes or Trainers depending on how casual or smart you want to look.

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• Ramp up the looks of Casual Attire: Another brilliant way to feel comfortable and to look good without going full-on suited up is to spice up a casual attire with casual yet good looking apparels. This is a perfectly acceptable look in a posh setting that does have a dress code. It also has the flair of the style of a billionaire CEO of a tech company.

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