Planning to Wear Red this Christmas? Go Red!

Excited about Christmas? You should be! There are less than 4 days to go! It is going to be a great time, full of family, friends, festivities and a whole lot of frolic. At Niro Fashion, we absolutely love the fact that Christmas comes just a few days before the New Year. What a wonderful way to enjoy some much needed holiday before we head off into the New Year? Not to forget the long line of Christmas parties that are lined up to say goodbye to the year in style.

Here is a question for you though. Have you thought about what you are going to wear this time to the parties that you are going to get invited to? Here is a suggestion, make it Christmas themed. Go Red! This year on the occasion of Christmas, do something more than just sporting the Santa cap. Introduce the beauty of the colour red and the spirit of Christmas into your personal style and let everyone around you know that you are in the holiday mood.

red shirt from Evisu

We have decided to put together some attire combinations for you to explore once the holiday week kicks in. Check it out!

• Red Shirt: Go all out red with your shirt and be noticed. Pair the red shirt with an equally muted pair of trousers. This way, all of the attention of people around you will be directed towards your fashion statement. If you have chosen a casual red shirt, you can spice it up by wearing a plain white crew neck T-shirt underneath and top it off with a dark blue set of chinos or denim T-shirt with golden print• Red T-shirt: Have you been shying away from sporting some funky colour combinations in your casual style? Well here is the chance for you to let your hair loose and get into the groove. Choose a printed T-shirt in red (we have plenty of them in stock for you) and you can wear them with denim jeans or shorts. If you are looking to smarten things up a bit, choose a plain red polo shirt and combine it with chino trousers. Depending on how smart or casual you want to look you can introduce bomber jackets or blazers into the equation.

red polo shirt

• Red Knitwear: We consider knitwear to be Christmas time specials. Their look fits them naturally into the style and gives your casual and smart fashion plenty of mileage. It also works as a great component to add some layers to your attire. The red colour of your knitwear fits seamlessly with the blue of denim. This is exactly why you should try a red knitted pullover with a denim jacket this year.

Evisu track Jacket in red• Red Jacket: A red coloured jacket is probably one of the hardest things to style. But if done well, it can look nothing short of spectacular. From puffer jacket to bomber jacket and track jacket in red, there are so many styles that you can create with a red coloured jacket. Bomber jackets are perfect for wearing with denim jeans while puffers are far more versatile, completely capable of working with chinos and tailored trousers as well.

Red Jacket from Sugarcane