Modern Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket

When you think of a denim jacket, if the first thought that comes to you is to wear them with desert boots, over a T-shirt and plain old indigo denim jeans, then this one’s for you. Workwear has become an integral part of mainstream fashion today. These apparels have made their way into smart casual fashion successfully. Although there was a lot of resistance from fashion purists who see items like denim jackets and jeans as nothing more than casual apparel, the dynamics of denim has changed.

At Niro Fashion we are huge fans of denim. We think they are easy to live with, practical, economical and most importantly, extremely sexy. We will tell you now that there are not many other men’s apparel that will bring out the best of the appeal of your physique like a good pair of denim jeans do, provided you wear them well. Denim jackets fit well into this equation as well and they are an absolute fashion essential. But why wear them in a familiar style when you can change things up and create contemporary styles with them that unlock newer depths in your overall style? Here are some ‘modern’ ways of wearing a denim jacket.

denim jackets

• With Chinos and Tailored Trousers: Chinos are smart and their ‘formal features work well with the colour blue when you wear them in light colours like pale brown, beige, black and navy blue. Similarly, you can wear a denim jacket with smart looking tailored trousers by pairing them with something smart like a solid coloured pullover. You can regulate the ‘smartness of the entire look by using smarter footwear choices like Brogues, Oxfords and Derby shoes or with plain solid coloured trainer shoes.

Sugarcane denim jacket

• With Joggers: Joggers are the latest and the hottest new trends that have barged into mainstream fashion. They are a very integral part of the athleisure fashion and the best part about them is that you can wear running shoes with them that come in a wide variety of styles. Adding a denim jacket to this equation will add new interest to your casual street style. Just make sure to wear a denim jacket that is plain, without fades.

Denim jacket

• With Roll Neck Jumpers: Roll necks are one of those apparels that are perceived as smart and they are, without a doubt, especially when they are made out of exotic materials like Cashmere or Merino Wool. Think of this combination as the top half of what you would create to wear with chinos and tailored trousers. Make sure that the pullover compliments the look of your denim jacket and vice versa. Complete this look with a pair of well-polished smart looking shoes if you are wearing tailored trousers or boots if you are wearing them with denim jeans.

Evisu denim jacket

• With a Shirt and a Tie: Yes! You can mix business wear with workwear (once in a while of course!) Keep this combination for one of those team meetings or a Friday casual event. For this look you need to dial down the dressiness of the other elements of your attire so your denim jacket looks natural. A solid white, dark blue, black, grey or any other neutral colour is ideal for this style.

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