The Style of the Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is effortlessly cool and pragmatic when it comes to imparting style to your casual fashion. It’s lightweight design and relentless usability makes it a fashion essential. Most importantly it is extremely versatile. It works with denim jeans and when the colour and form factor is right, with chino trousers and tailored trousers as well. You can wear a bomber during chilly nights in the summer and over a layer of knitwear or a pullover in the winter. Its flawless disposition evokes a sense of ‘cool’ which is why it has become such an important aspect of mainstream fashion.
Bomber Jacket with Camo PrintThings to Remember When Buying Bomber Jacket

Like all apparels that look the best when well fitted to your body, bomber jackets look the best when they are of the right size. They have a military heritage and were made to be weather resistant, without being bulky. Hence they naturally look great when they are worn, true to size.

• Shoulder Fit: Make sure that the seams of the jacket rest well on the shoulder. If they fall off your shoulder it means they are far too big for you. On the other hand, if you are not able to raise your arms well, it means that your jacket is too tight.

• Sleeve Fit: The fit of the sleeves form an important part of your look with a bomber jacket. There is nothing more unattractive than a bomber with baggy sleeves. They should highlight the build of your arms without restricting body movement. The fit of your sleeves makes a great foundation for what comes next, i.e. a great body fit.

• Body Fit: The height of the jacket around the waist is the most important part of how a bomber jacket should fit you. The jacket should not go beyond the waistline and must rest on your hip bones. The fabric of the jacket must rest on the side of your waist just as well as they sit on your sleeves. This will create a flattering silhouette that will ramp up the effectiveness of your style.

Reversible Bomber Jacket

Styles to Explore

• Sports Luxe: Upbeat colours, spectacular prints, team symbols and a sporty feel are some of the things that sum up the sports luxe culture. The sexy good looks of a bomber jacket are a natural fit with the phenomenally good looks of athletic clothing. Try a neutral coloured bomber jacket over a printed t-shirt and jogger and complete this look with running shoes. Alternatively, you can wear your jacket with your t-shirt and denim jeans for a more street worthy look that is inspired by athleisure.

• Smart Casual: Bomber jackets have a way of manifesting their presence with smart clothes when you pick out the right piece. It can initially feel tricky but when you get the hang of it, a bomber jacket can be invaluable to your smart casual style. Pair your bomber jacket with a formal shirt and tailored trousers. Complete the look with brogue shoes for the best effect. Take care to use a bomber jacket that has a no-frills design and is simple and in a neutral colour so that it can complement the entire look well.

• Casual: You are limited only by your imagination when it comes to exploring your style in the causal department with a bomber jacket. Denim jeans, boots, t-shirts, knitwear and sweatshirts make the core of your style with them. For a more rugged look, complete your ensemble with boots and with trainer shoes or sneakers for a more laid back look that has a boyish charm.