Things to Try for New Year – Part 1

Half Price SaleThis is it gents! 2019, the New Year is here. Irrespective of if it has been good or bad, it is now time to move on from 2018 with lessons learnt and a plan for this brand new one. Every passing year teaches us something and makes way for newer experiences. Time is the only constant. Alright, let’s not get too philosophical, we are after all a fashion brand and we are all about helping you make phenomenal style statements.

This is the time of year where New Year resolutions fly around left, right and centre. Most of them never see the light of day or transform people into something much better than they once were. Here’s a suggestion from us. Why not make this year about excellence in style? Commit to dressing nothing short of spectacular this year, even if you are just stepping out for a leisurely stroll. Go on, make it happen, because you know we will keep you updated with a steady supply of fashion tips for the rest of the year.

Our first one for the year comprises of a list of styles that you simply must try. Ready? Here we go!

• Mohair Suit: It is expensive, it needs to be maintained well and you need to commit to it! But guess what? The sheer excellence that it imparts to your formal style is absolutely priceless. Mohair is a silk-like fabric harvested from the fur of the Angora goat (not to be mistaken with the Angora rabbit). This exotic material is going to spoil you and turn you into a fashion fiend. Must try if you are frequently seen suited up at work. Reach out to us for made to measure suit services, now!
Designer footwear from men
• Thick Sneakers: Love the boyish charm in your casual fashion? Do you enjoy the verve of bright colours? You need a pair of those super stylish sneakers with a thick appearance. There are so many styles around from big names like Nike and Adidas to some speciality items like the ones we have in stock from Clarks Originals, Android Homme and more. With this style you let your sneakers become the centre of your style. Trust us, it is a great style to try this year.
Mens T-shirts
• Printed T-shirts: Head over to our collection of printed t-shirts from Versace to get a better idea of the kind of printed T-shirts that we are talking about. Their printed T-shirts are unlike anything that you might have seen before. The use of bright colours and the luxury of the designs make them a must-have item for your wardrobe. We have many designs in stock waiting for your attention.
LA Airline T-shirt• La Airline Tops: If you are someone who appreciates the allure of art, then we guarantee that you are going to thoroughly enjoy the rich designs of LA Airline T-shirts and polo shirts. If Versace has managed to attain new heights in design with its collection of printed T-shirts, LA Airline has managed to break out of the Stratosphere and into orbit with this one. The highly engaging designs work well with denim jeans and chinos. You can even try some of them with tailored trousers. Dig into our collection of tops and pick them up today while they are on sale. You are going to thank us later when the summertime sunshine arrives. You’re welcome!

Half Price Sale
Stay tuned to our blog as we bring to you some more style that you have to try this year! Also, please make the best of the Niro Fashion Half Price sale as it has been extended till 13th Jan 2019. Cheers!