Things to Try for New Year – Part 2


The New Year 2019 is upon us and with it comes a whole lot of opportunities. With our Niro Fashion New year sale still running steady, great shopping at Niro Fashion is one of the first brilliant opportunities that you are going to get in 2019! At Niro Fashion, we have made a tradition of entering a fresh year with a bang by featuring some of our best and the latest styles at phenomenal prices, only this time, we have also decided to compile a list of apparels that you must try as the year progresses.

Having said that, we are now going to continue with our list if apparels:

Scotch and Soda Jeans

• Slim and Skinny Fit Denim Jeans: Slim fit denim jeans were all the rage in the 1980s but they saw quite a bit of a downtrend in the 90s with the onset of the grunge rock and hip-hop culture. But over the last five years, they have come back into the trend with a bang, along with skinny fit denim jeans. The close body-hugging fit will flatter your body and improve the overall appeal of your casual style, unlike loose clothing that tends to give you a ‘bulked’ up appearance. If you have stayed away from slim and skinny fits with a passion because you thought it was not a man’s style, think again, because the ladies are swooning over a man in slim fits. Head on over to our collection of slim and skinny fit denim jeans from Levi’s and Scotch and Soda.

raw selvedge denim with embroidery

• Embroidered Denim Jeans: Embroidered men’s denim jeans are a product of the hip-hop culture. Are you a fan of those free-flowing bars, then you need to dig into the style of RMC jeans and Yoropiko to show everyone what you are all about. The rich embroidered designs on these products, together with their elite construction makes them a hit in any man’s wardrobe. Each one of the denim jeans from this exhaustive collection of embroidered denim jeans from RMC and Yoropiko is crafted from raw selvedge denim and are a collector’s item. Here is your chance to get your hands on some designer denim jeans.

Sugarcane Suka Jacket

• Suka Jackets: Also known as souvenir jackets, these Suka Jackets from Sugarcane and RMC Jeans are a take of these two Japan based fashion houses on the legendary jackets that were created during the Second World War in Korea. The beautiful artwork and the upbeat design of the jacket make them an ideal companion for wearing with embroidered denim jeans. When you are dressed in them you can be certain that you are going to get a lot of attention.Work Boots

• Work Boots: One look at our collection of work boots from Sugarcane Jeans and you will be floored, we guarantee you that. Lone Wolf boots are based on the memorable workwear style of the pre World War 2 era. The rugged look of these boots flows well with your denim jeans and checked shirts. You can also sport them with pullovers and bomber jackets as well.

Check out these products today and buy them at a phenomenal discount!

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