Perfecting the ‘Dad’ Look

Levis jeansGreat dressing has no restrictions. Why would it? It’s not like just because you are growing old you should give up on looking dapper. Attire makes up the crux of a man’s attire. Guess what just like wine, things get better for men as they age. Fashion experts say that it is well after the age of thirty that a man’s true potential in terms of physical area, really starts to come out. The fun attire of youth is great, but it is simply no match for a well-dressed man who is older and looks wise beyond his years.

This brings us to today’s feature, the ‘family man’ or ‘dad’ look. Before we proceed any further, at no point are we suggesting that older men should stick to dressing the ‘dad’ way. We are simply saying that the dad look that was once extremely popular during the 90s in the United States has garnered widespread popularity all over the world, especially in the UK. So much in fact that younger men are trying relaxed fit denim jeans and loose fitting clothing to enjoy the comfort that comes with this style as well. Here is a closer look at this legendary style.

• Denim Jeans: Well-fitting denim jeans that rest perfectly on the hip and a tad more relaxed to the bottom form the core of a great dad look. You do not have to go all the way to the baggy looking double pleated trousers of the 90s. They will just make you look like you don’t belong in this time and age! Choose neat looking denim jeans without a lot of fades for this look. The relaxed look and the neat appearance of the denim jeans make for a very sexy combination that the women are sure to check out. You don’t need to look any further than our collection of denim jeans from Levis to get started on this style.

• Fleece Jacket: This look is essentially made up of apparel that is practical and comfortable. A fleece jacket meets all of these basic requirements and manages to look good as well. Fleece jackets are extremely lightweight and warm, so this look is perfect for the upcoming months of the autumn and winter. Just wear one over a shirt or a t-shirt and pair them with your relaxed fit trousers for a fast, effective and extremely practical look.

mens fleece jackets

• Chunky Sports Sneakers: When it comes to footwear, there are not many things that will fit the bill for this look other than classic sports sneakers with a durable sole. These sneakers are the ultimate in comfortable clothing and when you pair them with your denim jeans they give your style that ‘blast from the past’ feel.

• Technical Jacket: You can wear a technical jacket over almost any ensemble. From tailored clothing to regular casual outfits, they seem to fit the bill for almost any style. A technical jacket also happens to rank highly on the practicality part. This is one of the reasons why dads have used them as a fashion staple for all these years.

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• Dad Cap: With this, we give you a great reason to shop for our collection of baseball and trucker caps from Pornostatic and RMC Jeans. Caps are a very important component of this style, almost as important as the denim jeans themselves.

If you are looking for an effective casual style that offers unparalleled comfort, then you need to explore this style further, Shop from our collection of products from RMC Jeans, Armani Jeans and other global brands today.