Habits of Well Dressed Men

We have all looked at that one man with awe and appreciation. He is the bloke who dresses flawlessly. He does it so well that we often refer to him as having the likeness of a movie star. What if we told you that you can emulate the style of these flawless sharp dressers? Everything in the universe has a pattern. These patterns can be replicated to achieve the desired effect. Fashion is no exception to this rule of creation. Think about it, by following a set of rules, you can look just as sharp as this guy who seems to attract a lot of attention of the women around him.

Sharp dressers follow a simple set of rules irrespective of if they are aware of it or not. This is much like David Gilmour and his style of playing the guitar. He had no formal music training. Yet his musical genius can be decoded into patterns that can be emulated well. So today we are going to look at some outstanding habits of well-dressed men that seem to give them that edge which everyone around them seems to notice.

  • No Obsessive Planning: Great dressers don’t think too hard about what they are going to wear. It is almost like they have everything under control. Although the fact is that to get to this level, you might have to get into the groove by planning out things, you will dress your best when you have no stress. The confidence of knowing that you are capable of pulling off a style is half the battle.

Well Dressed Men

  • Attention to Care Labels: A style that stands out can be entirely attributed to well-maintained clothes. When you slack off and let apparels degrade, they sustain fades and colour degradation. When you wear these clothes, it creates a dull appearance that is instantly noticeable to the well-trained eye (believe us there are a lot of them out there!) Maintain your clothes well. Read the care labels, sharp dressers always know how to take care of their clothes well.
  • Trouser Breaks: Trousers that are of the perfect length, accentuate your footwear well. If you have spent a couple of hundred quids on an awesome pair of shoes, wear them with trousers that are tailored well, especially near the ankles. Bad trouser breaks can ruin the look of your premium shoes.
  • Well Stocked: Needless to say, sharp dressers have a great stock of apparel, always. Load up on essentials. Choose apparels that are versatile. Segregate your wardrobe into smart and casual clothes. This will make creating ensembles easy.

Footwear for Men

  • Well Fitting Shoes: Human feet are proportionate to the size of the body. Shoes that are nothing but perfect will ruin this balance, so much that it becomes noticeable. Mens shoes have the power to make or break a look, so it is important for you to get the fit and the looks right.
  • Well Organized Wardrobes: One of the best ways to achieve flawless dressing effortlessly is by organizing the components of your wardrobe according to a pattern that is easy to work with. Sorting your apparel according to size, colour and pattern will give you access to them in a systematic manner when you are planning out your ensembles. It is also a sure fire way to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed by the choices that are available in your wardrobe.

Underwear for Men

  • Great care of underwear: While underwear may not be something that people around you will notice, taking good care of them and keeping them fresh will improve your feel-good factor when you are getting dressed. It is also a healthy habit that leads to other good dressing habits.