The Dinner Jacket, a Champ of the Smart Wardrobe

The dinner jacket is a Man’s Best Friend when it comes to black tie functions and formal evening events. It happens to be the living embodiment of high fashion. It is smart, sophisticated and simple at the same time. The dinner jacket has way too much style to offer. This is why we believe that a man’s wardrobe is incomplete without it. Even if you are not a particularly huge fan of formal events, even you can’t deny that there will be times in your life when you need to rise up to the occasion and wear the dinner jacket. But before we get to the path of styling up, let us first understand what exactly a dinner jacket is.

A dinner jacket is a type of men’s jacket designated for wearing for formal occasions in the evenings. It is also called the Tuxedo jacket and is typically worn with a bow tie and is accentuated in satin. Dinner jacket and a suit jacket are two completely different things. A suit jacket is less formal than a tuxedo. The trousers that you would wear with a dinner jacket have a strip on the out seam. The jacket is worn with pleated shirts or a waistcoat. Suit jackets, on the other hand, are worn with standard necktie and a shirt.

If you have been wondering just what to wear to a ‘black tie’ event, here is your answer. A splendid dinner jacket in black, a black bow tie, a white formal shirt, well fitted tailored trousers that match the colour of your jacket and a pair of Oxford shoes. These are the apparels that are acceptable at a black-tie event. But of course, you can come up with your own subtle variations to conjure up your own individual style.Oxford shoes for MenMost men fashion experts prefer to stick to the safety net of a classic. But the process of looking different and unique can be perfected by introducing small and subtle changes to your attire. You can start by swapping your trousers in favour of a pair in a different colour. Take care to ensure that the colour swapping is done only at events that have a relaxed dress code.

At the outset, there are many styles of the jacket in terms of the material used to create them. The most variations come in the form of the colour of the fabric used to create them. The process of selecting the attire for an evening begins with the selection of the jacket itself. You can begin with the classic black jacket. Or you can choose a jacket in light colours like white or cream. Pairing a set of black trousers with a white or cream jacket can help you achieve a brilliant contrast. Similarly, you can choose to wear a velvet jacket in shades of Black and Navy for an interesting effect. If you are feeling particularly adventurous you can go with patterned jackets to create interest in your style.

white shirt for men

Pair the jacket with a white formal shirt, which is usually the ideal companion for a Tuxedo. For a more contemporary aesthetic you can choose a plain front white dress shirt. Pair this with tuxedo trousers. A pair of Tuxedo trousers is ideally made from the same material as your dinner jacket.

Complete this look with a black bow tie and a pair of well-polished black Oxford shoes to complete the dapper look of a dinner jacket.