Dressing up to Look Great at Work

Dressing up for the office is a very important thing. Everything that you choose will make a difference to your reputation at the office. It also happens to be a game that has two extremes. If your attire is not up to the mark you will get a negative reputation for the quality of your style in no time. Alternatively, if you stand out too much, you run the risk of trying too hard. It is all about finding the ideal balance with your attire.

Ideally, your aim for dressing up for your office should be to dress for the job role that you have. What this means is, if you have a client facing role, it makes sense to be suited up all the time. On the other hand, if most of what you do requires desk work, then it is ideal to stick to something that is comfortable yet good looking at the same time. While only you can be the best judge of what attire is ideal for your job role, we have decided to put together a list of things that you can do to look nothing short of great, at work.Mens Double Breasted Suit

Double Breasted Suits: They were a common sight at office places back in the 1980s. Although they have made a comeback in recent times, we think that men do not wear them enough. At the outset, a double-breasted suit is sharper than an average, men’s suit. Its distinctively different looks are a refreshing change, compared to the monotony of single-breasted suits. All other rules regarding colour, pattern and fit hold good for the double-breasted suit. Adopt its spectacular style into your work wardrobe to introduce a bit of variety into your workwear equation.Oxford shoes for Men

Play with Footwear: It is easy to get used to a pair or two of formal shoes at work. Most of us prefer variety when it comes to casual footwear and not formal shoes. Well, guess what? This needs to change! When everyone around you is seen dressed in a pair of black leather Oxfords, how do you expect to stand out from the crowd? The key is to play around with colours and styles. Introduce shades of brown and beige along with the classic black. Boost the versatility of these looks with variety in styles like Brogues, Monk Straps, Derby shoes and more.

Shirt Colours: Expand your horizons with the colours and patterns of your shirt. Look beyond white, blue and pink and you will begin to see how other colours fit seamlessly into your style. No, this doesn’t mean that you should stray into party shirt territory. Swap out the cotton shirt for a chambray (denim formal cousin) and get ready to enjoy the difference that it makes to your casual fashion.

Silk Tie for Men

Work on You Ties: Just like footwear, a good tie can be the cornerstone of a great formal style that is ideal for the workplace. If you happen to have a strict dress code at your office place, chances are you have no choice but to stick to navy blue, black or grey suits. The best way to create a distinct style for yourself in such a dressing environment is with your tie. Play around with patterns, with textures and figure out what works well with a particular style of a suit. Before long, people will notice you for the subtle differences that you create with your style in the formal fashion department.

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