Fashion Essentials: T-shirts for Men

Mens Dsquared2 T-shirtThank the US Navy for facilitating the fame of the T-shirt. It was a few years before the First World War that the Navy began to issue plain white t-shirts to its crew members as undergarments. They were so comfortable that the sailors began to use them as standalone garments while hard at work on their vessel. Before long, it became the signature style of Navy veterans to be seen in white t-shirts and trousers while they were at leisure.

Navy crews consisting of slim and good looking men had paved the way for the popularity of the humble and simple t-shirt. Then, with the dawn of the 1950s and the arrival of a young actor named Marlon Brando on Hollywood film sets, the Shirt was to achieve its final step towards immortality. Thanks to the bad boy image and the relentless influence of actors like James Dean and Brando, the t-shirt went on to become a sartorial revolution.

Today, the t-shirt is a favourite style piece of most men. And, why not? They are so comfortable, easy to wear, great looking and cost-effective. It seems to be the default choice for dressing, especially when the sunshine of the summer season arrives with all the warmth that comes associated with it. This is when t-shirt purchases begin to pale place in bulk. Some of us are guilty of wearing t-shirts till they begin to fall apart! Such is the profound influence of these amazing garments.

Mens Gym T-shirt

However, how do you stand out from the crowd when everyone is dressing up in them? Read on to find out!

Work on the Fit: The main reason why Dean and Brando were able to create the magic that they did when they appeared on the silver screen dressed in the classic t-shirt was that it fit them so well. They also had a slim frame and looked healthy. In today’s times, due to the popularity of athleisure, everyone is working up a sweat. Chances are, you are too! Why not flaunt your hard work at the gym by wearing a slim fit t shirt that accentuates the shape of your body well? Try it!

Colours and Prints: A t-shirt is a great way of expressing an individual sense of style, with colours and prints. But after a certain age, men look out of place and awkwardly dressed in flashy t-shirts. So take the mature route and keep your prints plain and simple. If you are in the mood for some attention, you can try radical colours and prints by wearing a t-shirt as standalone apparel with faded denim jeans and trainers. Keep your t-shirts simple and neutral coloured if you are looking to wear them with chinos and cargo pants.

Mens Printed T-shirt from RMC Jeans

Fabric: Two of the most common fabrics used in a t-shirt are cotton and polyester. Polys fit your body like cotton cant, but the feel of a cotton tee caressing your body is remarkable. You need to find the ideal balance between comfort and fit. Try all the different fabrics that are available to decide which ones you enjoy the best. You can develop your wardrobe around your preference.

The next time you are checking out a t-shirt, make sure to think about these three essential aspects of dressing in a t-shirt. Head over to our section of t-shirts and create your own personal style today.