Wearing Pink

Those stereotypical times where the colour pink was considered to be appropriate only for women are long gone. But there is still quite a bit of apprehension that is prevalent even today among men as far as the colour pink is concerned. But the truth is pink is a fantastic colour choice that can add a lot of diversity to your wardrobe. It is as sophisticated and majestic as the charm that the colour white brings to the table. This is only the reasons why you should give the colour pink a shot. It brings a refreshingly different aura to your style. The best part is it is charming in all departments of clothing, with its best effect coming out in smart clothing.

But do you know what? There are many men who still find the colour pink extremely challenging. There is no reason not to try wearing pink. It is surprisingly versatile and works with a variety of other colours. Pink particularly works really with shades of navy, black, white and grey. So why don’t we break it down further and see what it takes to be able to rule the roost with pink?

Yoropiko Pink Shirt• Long Sleeve Pink Shirt: First off, the colour pink is a natural alternative to the well-respected dress shirt in white. It can be highly flattering. It feels like a seamless organic fit with smart clothing. Wear it with a dapper looking blazer in black or grey and top this look off with boat shoes or brogues. Alternatively, you can suit up with a pink shirt by pairing it with a navy or grey coloured suit and prepare to turn the attention of every onlooker your way. Check out our collection of long sleeve pink shirts from leading menswear brands.

Short Sleeve Pink Shirt from Aquascutum

• Short Sleeve Pink Shirt: Short sleeve pink shirts are an extremely stylish option to wear during the summer season. They pair well with chinos or shorts. Most importantly, they appear fashionably relaxed. Excellent picks like the short sleeve cotton pink shirt from Aquascutum is what you should be looking at. The lighter shade of pink makes it ideal for use during the warmer weather.

RMC Jeans pink t-shirt

• Pink T-shirts: The comfortable fit of a t-shirt is effortlessly sexy. A superb T-shirt in pink is the ideal choice for you if you prefer the cool appearance of a casual look when worn with either chinos or denim jeans. A pink t-shirt is capable of adding a new refreshing flavour to your casual fashion. Alternatively, printed T-shirts in pink colour are capable of adding quite a bit of interest to your casual style. Our collection of printed crew neck T-shirts from RMC jeans is the ideal match for you if you are a huge fan of T-shirts and would like to try the flair of the colour pink this summer.

Evisu Pink Polo shirt for men

• Pink Polo Shirt: Although not as versatile as a pink shirt, a pink Polo shirt is more than capable of making quite the style statement. A great opportunity for you to try the style of a pink Polo shirt is during the casual Fridays at the office. Try out something like the men’s short sleeve dark pink Polo shirt from Evisu, with a pair of Indigo denim jeans or a pair of Chino trousers in black. This is a style combination that you are not going to regret.