Work Interview Attire for Men

There was a time when a black suit, a white shirt and a neat looking tie with black leather shoes were the sensible choice of attire for a job interview. This was back in the day when our father was a young man at the beginning of his career. Even if he did get the gig, the only options he had at his disposal were a few other shades besides white. If he happened to be a little adventurous with his attire, the maximum that he could do was to go with a patterned tie. That was just about it.

Thanks to the advent of technology and the start-up companies that followed with it, the accepted norms for attire during an interview has changed drastically. It is no longer the entrenched ordeal that it once used to be. There is plenty of sartorial freedom today. As such, there exists the perfect opportunity for you to express your individuality with your attire. So why stick the age-old monotony of a dark coloured suit when there is simply so much that you can do?

Mens Bespoke suit

The MNC Look:
Multinational companies are great platforms that can create great careers. Most of the time they are for a job role wherein you represent your organization. So when you are appearing for a job interview that is for a role where you are going to be the face of the company that you work for, it is absolutely imperative that you imbibe a great sense of style in your attire.

Wear a bespoke suit! The idea is to look as smart as the person on the other side of the table who is interviewing you. Stick to safe colours like charcoal or navy. Simplicity often speaks volumes about your composure. Which is vital for such a job role.

The Creative Job Interview:
Sure, 90% of what matters in a job like this are your skills. But why not augment your remarkable resume with a great attire? Often considered to be the trickiest interview to dress for, an attire for the interview for a creative job role has a lot of possibilities. As such, it can require quite a lot of thinking.

Take the sophistication of a suit and tone it down. But make sure it is in great taste. A tailored blazer with a knitted pullover, a plain white t-shirt or a classy polo shirt in favour of a shirt can help you achieve this effect. Similarly, choosing white trainers, suede brogues shoes or a Chelsea boot will help you get the desired effect of a great suit with a great ‘creative’ twist added to it.

Giorgio Armani polo shirt

The Skilled Job Interview:
Even a job role that requires you to work with your hands requires a great attire during an interview. Most men make the mistake of showing up for a job interview wearing the clothes for the work that follows. Instead, if you walk the extra mile by dressing well for the interview and stowing your work attire in a separate carry bag so you can change into it later speaks volumes about your level of commitment.

While you would want to avoid too much flair focus on a neat looking attire. A charcoal suit, a white shirt with a simple tie is a great choice. Complete this look with a pair of neatly polished leather shoes. This is guaranteed to make a great impression on the person who is on the other side of the desk.