Dear Men, you May Lose the Tie

Tailored apparel like a men’s suit, for example, is a major cornerstone of menswear. It is the standard for sartorial excellence in men’s dressing. Nothing will ever outclass a dapper looking men’s suit in terms of pure style and sophistication. Although every aspect of a man’s suit is designed towards achieving formal excellence, changing subtle aspects of it can help you introduce interesting variations in the way you wear a suit.

One of the simplest things that you can do is to take the ‘no tie’ route. At the outset, we would like to tell you that, this style is not appropriate for posh red carpet events. The no tie look will do more than turning heads at other formal events like an office conference, or an official social gathering. This style is also a great way to try footwear like trainers, boat shoes and derby shoes with a full-fledged made to measure suit.

Evisu Cuban Collar Shirt

Here’s how you can get started with the ‘no tie’ look:

• Cuban Shirts: Also known as a camp collar shirt, the Cuban collar shirt has a relaxed appearance. This bodes well with the sophisticated demeanour of a great looking suit. From prints to earthly and neutral colours, there are so many styles that you can create with a Cuban shirt and a suit. A navy blue suit is the most versatile choice to try this look with. You can add more interest to your style by throwing on a pair of black trousers with your navy blue suit jacket.

• Collarless: Collarless shirts, also called “grandad shirts,” were created to be used without a tie. These shirts impart a unique look to your style. The clean and uncluttered look of a collarless shirt will help you make a great impression while adding a noticeable variation to your formal style. A plain white collarless shirt with a navy blue, grey or a brown suit makes for a spectacular look.

Giorgio Armani Polo Shirt

• The Polo Look: Another great way to completely change your suited up style is to swap your dress shirt completely for a polo shirt. Since the aesthetics of a polo shirt closely resembles a dress shirt, your ensemble will still closely mimic the majesty of a full-fledged suit. A soft coloured polo shirt is a great way to test the water referred with this style.

• The Closed Collar: As the name suggests, the closed collar look is also known as the ‘air tie’. Simply button up your shirt and leave the tie area blank. Allow us to explain in more detail. When you wear a patterned shirt, this look works perfectly. It has a casual side to it and works seamlessly for those semi-formal occasions such as a great evening out at a posh club while you down a few drinks with people from your office.

Mens Shirt from Carhartt

• The Open Collar: Are you someone who feels that a necktie feels like a noose, adding to the discomfort of the summer heat in particular. If so, the open collar look is the ideal style for you. Although not a very good idea to try in a business environment with a strict dress code, the open collar look is a seamless fit for a smart casual business environment. To create a more diverse style statement, you can substitute your tailored trousers in favour of chinos and complete the look with your suit jacket and shirt with the buttons left open.

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