New Age Summer Colours – Part 1

Summer season! We are now officially in the thick of it. This means it is time to switch to clothes that make you feel comfortable and cool and to incorporate bright colours into your staple wear. The only problem with bright colours is that not many men want to give them a try. Colours like black, grey and navy are considered to be safe. Colours like bright red, yellow, blue, green, etc. are considered to be too progressive. At least that is the general perception among men across the world.

But do you know what? All the men who dare to venture out into the realm of bright colours are making quite an impression with their sense of style, especially on the ladies. You see, the human eye automatically finds the combination of colours appealing. After all. We, humans, belong to a very elite and only class of beings that can even perceive all colours, the primates. So why let the game of colours go to waste? Here is a list of colours that work really well during the summer. It is time to add some colours to your life.

mens pink shirts

• Pink Paranoia: Many men like to avoid the colour pink like people avoid a debt collector. Also, by pink, we do not mean the bubble gum shade that the Instagram enthusiasts in your office sport all the time. We are talking more of a peachy and salmon shade of pink that is pleasant on the eye and extremely sexy. From t-shirts to casual shirts, you can incorporate this colour into your style effortlessly. One department where this shade of pink stands out in is formals. This summer, look dapper dressed in pink shirts.

• Military Green: Military green makes anything looks cool. With apparel, they make the wearer look cool and smart too. This colour works flawlessly with indigo denim jeans. By this we mean, investing in military green t-shirts, logo tees, pullovers and shirts. Green mixed with dark colours like black, dark, blue and brown look youthful and have that rebellious charm of the 1940s. Show your creativity by mixing different tones of the iconic military green colour with jeans, chinos and denim shorts.

mens red t-shirt

• Red Ready: Not many colours stand out as red does during the summer. Give how it also doubles up as a smart choice for wearing with tailored and chino trousers, in the form of t-shirts and casual shirts, make it a versatile colour as well. Red works with blue denim jeans, beige chinos, white trousers and black denim jeans. One sure shot way of standing out in red is by making it the centre of your style. A red t-shirt with black denim jeans and black high top sneakers is going to give you one hell of a presence the next time you are getting ready for a night out at the club. Spice up this style with a bomber jacket for the max effect.

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Think of ensembles using these colours with the trousers that you have in your wardrobe. Also check out our expansive collection of T-shirts from Armani Jeans, Evisu, Aquascutum, Versace, and RMC Jeans for some great ways to incorporate summer colours into your style.