Time to Break Out the Floral Shirt

Contrary to popular belief, floral shirts can be mastered with ease. How difficult could it possibly be? Right? All you need is a good understanding of how colours work with each other and you are pretty much set. But hang on, when working with floral shirts, it is quite easy to look like you are suffering a midlife crisis on the way to Hawaii you do not want that. Getting the little details right is where it is all at gents.

The floral shirt has been around for many years and there are ways to wear them effectively. First of all, unlike most men’s apparel that looks good when they fit the body well, floral prints tend to look better when they have a relaxed fit. Fairly loose-fitting floral shirts work with an equally relaxed fitting pair of trousers and shorts. This style is also a very popular style statement during the summer.

• With Black Denim jeans: Black denim jeans are one of the most versatile apparel that you can have in your wardrobe. As it turns out they work flawlessly when paired with dark coloured floral shirts. This is a look that is ideal for you if you are looking to begin introducing floral patterns into your summer style in a simple and controlled manner. Black and navy blue shirts with tone down floral patterns make a spectacular combination with black denim jeans and a pair of white trainers. If you are looking to make things more interesting throw on a navy blue or grey blazer on top of your shirt. Wear derby or boat shoes instead of trainers to pull off the blazer with your floral shirts.

Floral Shirts from Sun Surf

• With Shorts: In our honest opinion, shorts tend to work better with floral shirts than any other bottom wear. Their laid back look accentuates the charm of floral shirts really well. Since this combination is also the most casual style in our list today, you can experiment with the colours of your floral shirt by wearing them up with your shorts. Just make sure that you don’t wear floral shirts with sporty shorts that are more suited for athleisure styles.

• With Chinos: The colourful nature of chino trousers bodes well with the festive looks of floral shirts. Don’t hesitate to try bright colours with your chino trousers because they are very forgiving. Complete the effectiveness of this style by changing your footwear accordingly. Bright coloured floral shirts look the best when worn with chino trousers and trainer shoes. Alternatively, dark colours are best worn with smarter footwear options such as brogues and derby shoes for example.

Floral Shirts from RMC Jeans

• With Blue Denim: We had to specifically mention blue denim jeans because first of all, they come in so many variations of shades. From light blue to indigo, blue coloured denim jeans make their way into the wardrobe of almost every man on the planet. Guess what? They are the ideal choice for wearing with a bright coloured floral shirt. When worn with blue denim jeans or shorts red green blue and a variety of other colours look really good.

Check out our collection of floral shirts from RMC Jeans, Carhartt and Sun Surf to get a head start into styling up for the summer!