Floral Prints for Men

Floral Printed Shirt from Evisu The cosmopolitan male has spoken, floral prints are not a woman’s forte anymore. With men today embracing rather pleasant colours such as teal, pink, baby blue etc., it is no wonder that they are intrigued to experiment with some of the most interesting and beguiling patterns, the floral designs. Although men are not strangers to patterns as many love to wear the Hawaiian shirts, now the floral patterns are not just limited to summer dressing but have taken the highway into the world of men’s fashion with more and more models and celebs sporting floral print shirts, jackets, shorts, trousers, etc.

Well for a man who is secure about his sense of style, he can nail the floral style effortlessly. Let us talk about the different popular styles a man can work the floral print into, whether it is casual or formal. The floral prints can blend well with the other men’s ware without any issues.

Prints T-shirt for Men

1. Floral Print T-Shirts: While a bold patterned floral printed t-shirt can work great for layering, subtle patterns can be worn as it is. The bold and bright patterns will look great under a contrasting plain shirt or a jacket. If you are adventurous enough, you can just team the bold patterned t-shirts with awesome-looking denim too.

2. Floral Print Blazer: These are all the rage today, and many men prefer to experiment with this look. A floral print blazer with the same background coloured trousers and shirt underneath will give a sharp look. You can keep the shirt unbuttoned for a smart casual look or you can look sophisticated with a contrast complementing tie. You can also suit up your regular suit with a matching or complimenting floral shirt underneath, which will also look great.

3. Floral Print Trousers and Shorts: If you want to take one bolder step, then there are the floral print trousers and shorts that you can try. You can organize the colour of your shirt or t-shirt with that of your shorts, but keeping it plain is important as you don’t want to overdo the look. However, there is one rather bold step that you can take if you can find the same print shirts and shorts, you can wear them together with a plain t-shirt inside that pops out of the shirt at the bottom to divide a line between your printed shirt and bottom.

floral printed shirt from Carhartt

4. Floral Print Button-Up Shirts: These are great for a casual look. When you wear a floral printed shirt, remember to keep the rest of your ensemble neutral, so that the shirt can be the point of interest. Also adding another print in the form of shorts or trousers can just make the whole ensemble look busy. Instead, if you opt for a pair of plain trousers, jeans, or shorts, it will look great. You can also opt for full sleeves or short sleeves of floral print shirts as per your taste.

5. Floral Print Accessories: If you like floral patterns but are not too crazy as to sport a shirt or a t-shirt with those prints, then you can opt for floral ties and pocket squares for a formal look with which you can show off your floral prints in a very subtle way yet they will be the point of attraction. You can coordinate the colour of your pocket square and tie with that of your suit. If you are going for a casual look, you can opt for floral print shoes, which will look great as well.

Spring is almost here, and this is the right season to try some of these fantastic floral print looks.