Half Price Sale! Mens Dressing Up Guide for 4th of July!

Summer has just begun and what better way than welcoming it than with the Fourth of July, American Independence Day. It is an official holiday in the USA, and it is the time when American families get together and do many activities like spending the day at the beach or lake, watching a movie together, catching the live parade or watching them on TV at home, burning sparklers to celebrate the day, having a BBQ party, etc. We might also see many people on the street wearing clothes that have the USA flag printed on them, some people might even attend the get together in such clothing. It is a way to show off their patriotism and also there is something about the US flag that goes well with any fashionable clothing. There could also be themed parties where you might have to go in clothing that has US flag prints on them. It is totally fun and also looks stylish.

Yoropiko long sleeve shirtIf you are that person who does not want to wear a flag print as it is but still want to enjoy this holiday, then you can opt for clothing combinations in Red, Blue, and White, which are the three important colours of the USA flag. You can show off your patriotism and even look stylish with an ensemble consisting of all these three colours. Here are some tips on how you can do it:

1. This is an awesome long sleeve shirt by Yoropiko to wear for such holidays. It has the white, the blue, and the red, and its design is unique and fun! Will look amazing with an RMC blue selvedge denim and a good pair of brogues. All Yoropiko products have a 20% off and you can take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Suka jacket with American Flag

2. Suka Jacket is one such jacket which has a rich history related to America, and what other better time to wear a Tailor Toyo Suka jacket and also show off your distinctive fashion sense than on the Fourth of July. This particular jacket has the flying eagle with the US flag on the background. The eagle represents the USA. This white jacket will go well with a red polo shirt or a t-shirt and a blue denim jean. That way you have all the three prime colours of the US flag to show off. You will be grabbing attention wherever you go in this jacket, plus there is 20% off on all Tailor Toyo products on behalf of the Fourth of July and you should be making the best use of it!

RMC Jeans sweatshirt in White

3. You can also opt for this white sweatshirt by RMC Jeans with an eye catchy print in contrasting colours. The exposed stitched trim in contrast colours adds extra oomph to the already stylish sweatshirt. This sweatshirt will look great with dark blue selvedge denim by RMC Jeans. You can grab yourself the opportunity of purchasing these awesome clothing as RMC Jeans has 20% off on all their collection with the Niro Fashion Fourth of July sale! Go ahead and get yourself an amazing sweatshirt and genuine raw selvedge denim.

Mens T-shirts form RMC Jeans

4. If you are a fan of RMC Jeans, then you can show off your favourite brand on this Fourth of July by donning this amazing white t-shirt which has the RMC printed in red and blue. This is where you kill two birds with one stone, the t-shirt shows off your patriotic side as it has all the three colours of the flag and will also show off your favourite brand. Also, the cherry on top is that all RMC Jeans products are available at 20% off right now, so hurry! Another RMC Jeans t-shirt that you will like is this black t-shirt that has a simple print, but the print has all the three colours of the US flag and looks very distinct and appealing on the black t-shirt. Use the 20% off on all the RMC Jeans products going on right now to your benefit.

Mens t-shirt from Moschino

5. For all those blokes who are interested in showing off the US flag but with a quirky touch, there are t-shirts from:

a. This Moschino t-shirt which along with the US flag has a lot of other flag prints but looks exquisite and eye catchy and the good news is it is available at 30% off right now.

Mens Printed t-shirts

b. These RMC Jeans t-shirts will make you get noticed easily in the crowd because of its unique and beautiful design. Show off your patriotism as well as your eccentric fashion sense with fab Geisha printed t-shirts that have an American flag in the background. A totally unique combination indeed and is immediately going to grab the attention of the onlookers, available in two colours white and yellow. Don’t you want to take advantage of 20% off that is running right now on all these RMC Jeans products?

Well, shopping is one way to enjoy and with the Fourth of July sale, you must have a blast!

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