New Age Summer Colours for Men – Part 2

Summer is a pleasant time of the year. The bright and upbeat aura of the season bodes well with light and playful colours. Incorporating them to your personal style is a wonderful way to dress up for the summer. Previously, in the post New Age Summer Colours for Men – Part 1, we had discussed how to wear military green, red and pink. Today we are going to look at a few more colours that can give your style a complete makeover helping you stand out from the crowd.

mens purple polo shirt

• Pastel Purple: The lavender shade to be precise, is a great colour for a simple and laid back look. Purple sweaters and pullovers look fantastic when worn with dark coloured trousers. If you are a fan of polo shirts and are looking for a spectacular style that is also fairly simple to pull off, try a purple polo shirt with chino trousers in a toned down shade of brown. Complete this look with trainers or brogues shoes that accentuate the colour of your chinos. The best part about this shade is that this is not like one of those athleisure themed shades of orange or yellow that look good only when you wear them to the gym. Darker shades of purple look so good that you can use them to create smart-casual styles as well.

mens blue T-shirt

• Pleasant Blue: Consider colours like sky blue and cobalt blue. It is like they were made to adorn men’s summer wear apparel. The charm of the blue colour is going to look nothing short of spectacular, especially when you swing by the beach side. You are going to want to load up on a lot of blue T-shirts and casual shirts, they never seem to look boring at all. Also, they are one of the most preferred colours in the summer, after white, for smart casual ensembles. Blue works with denim jeans, shorts, formals and well, basically everything! Even if you are planning to show off your summer body on the beach, make sure you have blue shorts on, the ladies are going to like it, trust us on this one!

mens orange shirt

• Sunshine Orange: Orange is one of the least expected colours. This is exactly why it trends during the summer season. To wear orange though, you should look to make it the centrepiece of your style. Unlike all other colours in our list here and in part one, it is not very effective at being a complementary colour. Whether it is an orange shirt, t-shirt, polo shirt, or even a jacket, you need to make this colour the middle ground of your style. One important thing to remember is that this colour should always be kept at the top unless of course, you are wearing shorts.

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