Style Guide for Muscular Men

Made to MeasureDear fitness freaks, this one is for you guys. You’ve been sweating it out in the gym for a long time now. Chances are, exercise techniques, variations in styles, nutrient macros and protein supplements are all that you have begun to enjoy thinking about. Don’t get us wrong, we are not about to beat on you for your fitness obsession. But we are definitely here to drive a point home, a very important one.

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that building muscle is hard work. What makes it particularly hard is that it is a game of pain. From the disorienting delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) to injuries and recovery, it is not a very pleasant experience at all. But the gains are simply phenomenal. After all, health trounces wealth any day, as any wise man would know. Most importantly you have chiselled your body well and now you look better than you have ever, previously in your life.

Time to show it off! And by this we don’t just mean walking around topless on the beach with pecs and biceps making women weak at the knees. We are talking about styling up, to accentuate your physique. Pick out the right apparel that will highlight your pecs, thighs, calves, shoulders and forearms well.

Here are some great ways to ramp up your style:

• Enlist the Services of a Tailor: Needless to say, a tailor’s handiwork always stands out better than off the shelf clothing. A tailor will get you that impeccable fit and fabric length that makes all the difference between a well-made garment and something that you bought in a hurry without even trying it on. A tailor will help you accentuate specific regions of your body like the chest, the shoulders, waistline etc. Isn’t this what you need to flaunt your physique, especially when you are dressed in formal wear? Just reach out to us for our made to measure suit service to try next level formal style.

Versus Versace T-shirts

• Find your Brands: It is true. Specific brands can give you a great look. Take T-shirts from Versace or Armani Jeans, for example, a size medium from these brands may fit you perfectly highlighting the silhouette of the top part of your body well. Specific aspects of the manufacturing process from a designer brand can make this possible. If you find a brand that highlights your physique well and gives you the best of form and comfort, stick to using apparel from them. It will ensure that you will always look the best at all times.

Armani Jeans Relaxed fit Jeans

• Seek Proportion: When you are muscular, things may appear to be fairly offset when you make everything skin tight. In fact, this is one of the biggest mistakes that muscular men make. It is ok to highlight your shoulders and chest, but when you add a pair of skinny jeans to the mix, things get noticeably disproportionate. So try on a pair of relaxed fit jeans to even things out with your appearance and to give your overall look a proportionate style

• Experiment and Try New Things: Trying out new things will give you the confidence to introduce variety into your casual fashion. Try chinos or jeans for example, especially if people around you know you as the ‘denim guy’. This will give you the opportunity to try different tops like dress shirts and casual shirts that accentuate your physique well, but with a twist.

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Find that fine line between staying consistent with your look and never trying anything new at all. You might not know the difference unless you try new things. “U Never Try U Never Know” happens to be the slogan for one of designer jeans selection from the revered Japanese brand RMC Jeans that you might want to check out if you want to carry an extremely bold look.