Dressing for Business in Summer

Wearing formals, in the summer can be a lot of work. You are trying to do one important thing at all times. Trying not to melt under your suit. Ok maybe it isn’t so bad, but we think it is safe to say that a suit may not be the best choice of dressing when you are out in a professional environment for close to nine hours in a day. So why not look at combinations that are lighter, breathable and tastefully colourful? Not only are they going to give your suited up look a run for its money, but you can also make some colourful style statements as well.

The important thing to remember here is that comfort and breathability is key. If your apparels fall short on either of these two, there is going to be some sweating to do. A sweaty and tired look is not exactly what you should be taking with you into the meeting room! Times have changed and smart casual is now perfectly acceptable in many workplaces. This includes the fortune 500 companies as well. Time to give this a shot then!

• Linen Suit: A linen suit is at the top of our list here today because it is extremely breathable and it will fit your need to look dapper in specific business scenarios where you need to be dressed in a suit, perfectly. We highly recommend you to get a linen suit or two for the summer. It carries the majestic charm of a conventional men’s suit and you can also get into the groove of summer by playing around with colours like beige, grey, navy blue and graphite grey as well.

Mens Linen Suits

• Polo Shirt and Suit: If you are not looking to spend on a brand new linen suit that can be quite expensive, you can make your existing ones more comfortable. This style is a great idea for you, especially if you live in the regions of the UK where the summer is mild. Swapping out your shit for a polo shirt adds an informal vibe to your suited up look conveying to everyone that you are feeling the charm of the season. Wear something like a white or a pale blue polo shirt under a navy blue suit and complete this look with brown brogues and you will still be well dressed enough to make some great impressions in the meeting room.

• Half Sleeve Shirt and Tailored Pants: If you happen to work in an environment like a technology company where dress codes are relaxed, then this style is your chance to make a wonderful impression. Technically speaking, the combination of a half sleeve shirt and tailored trousers is a formal look, but then the lack of full sleeves is considered to be a casual look by many bosses across the world. Nevertheless, a nice pair of dark coloured trousers and a dapper looking checked shirt that accentuates the colour of your trousers is a great way to try out this look.

Mens Polo Shirts

• Tucked Polo Shirt and Chinos: The combination of a polo shirt and a Chinos may not be smart enough for the meeting room where you are trying to make a great impression on your new client. However, it is a splendid combination that can help you make a great impression on them when you are getting ready to show them a good time at a restaurant or at the pub. The informal yet charming appearance of this combination can be invaluable when you just want to let off some steam after work but are still required to look professional.

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