Happy Summer Holidays! Half Price Sale Starts on 13th July

Let’s start the day with some good news! A great big sale is starting at Niro and you heard it from the horse’s mouth (ahem…. Niro) first! If you have been wanting to purchase a certain item from a particular brand from our store, and which has been sitting in your wish list for a long time now, here is an opportunity that you should definitely take as the sale is across the store. Let us tell you some of the benefits of shopping during a sale,

1. Save Money: Some people wait for sales to start in their favourite shops to purchase all that they want. Some even purchase enough for an entire year. When you purchase in a larger quantity during sales, and if you calculate the difference between the product’s original price and the sale price, you will come to know that you will be saving a lot of money while shopping during a sale. The saved money can be used to purchase something important or simply saved for a rainy day.

Niro Fashion Summer Sale

2. Buy More for Less: Sales are the time when you can buy more for less. You can stack up your closet with all the clothes that have been on your wish list. Luckily if they are available at the sale price, you can buy all of them for a lot less. When you find a good sale, it is wise to stack up on all that you will be using for the whole of next year. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to wear what you buy right away. This way you will also be saving a lot of money for the entire year.

3. Experimenting with a New Look: If you are bored of the same old style but have been hesitating to experiment with a new look because of how high the costs are, sales are the perfect time to do it. You can purchase some of the items that you have been wanting to experiment with at a lower price. That way you will have a chance to try a new look and you will also feel secure that you did not spend too much to try it. Who knows all your friends might actually like your new look!

4. Gift-Shopping: If your brother or father have been planning on buying a new shirt or jeans and have not been able to do it so far, you can surprise them by buying an awesome shirt or jeans of very good quality at a very low price during sales.

Half Price Sale at Niro Fashion

5. Affordable Designer Clothes: Sales are a great time to shop for designer clothing and that is what you will find at Niro. We are offering a lot of designer labels on sale like Moschino, RMC Jeans, Armani Jeans, Dsquared, Versace, Evisu, Dolce and Gabbana, Fred Perry, etc.

Don’t you want to take advantage of this awesome summer sale that is going to start from 13th July at Niro Fashion? If yes, hurry before all the awesome items are sold out! Happy Summer Holidays!!