Dapper Looks for the Summer

Come summer and everyone is happy to embrace the lively looks of a pair of shorts, shirts and t-shirts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, after all, summertime is something that some of us wait for all year long! However, it can’t always be summer casuals everywhere. Shorts and flip flops are not the appropriate attire for when you are getting ready for a social gathering. While it is easy to take the casual route, it may not be the best idea every time. Basically what we are saying is, the heat of the summer is no reason to let your sartorial standards dwindle!

In the best interest of men who are required to be dressed well irrespective of the weather conditions outside, we have decided to put together the top five things you must consider to look dapper in the summer. Ready? Here we go!

made to measure suits

• Lightweight is The Key: While this part is obvious, most of us make the mistake of being seen in a heavier fabric, in a quest to look good. This never ends well. The general rule of thumb is to go for natural fabric, especially if you happen to live in parts of the UK where the summer can deliver a ‘Tropical’ blaze. Lightweight breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen do not stick to the body as much as heavier fabric such as wool does. Linen and cotton are also impressively breathable. This means that they absorb sweat well, keeping you cool and composed.

• Breathe Baby, Breathe: While we have covered this topic in the previous point itself, there is something about breathable materials that we would like to draw your attention to. Breathable fabrics not only soak up the sweat, but they also dissipate them quickly into the atmosphere. This is the main reason why cotton or linen always gives a “refreshing feel.” Polyester, on the other hand, promises lightweight use but are nowhere near as breathable as fabric derived from natural sources.

• Long Pants and Sleeves: Now that we have covered details of fabrics, it is time to get to the practical aspect of dressing well. T-shirts and shorts may feel relaxed, but they almost always leave you with tan lines. The more of your skin you cover, the better it is. Long sleeved T-shirts in solid colours and subtle graphics both protect you well from the sun and give you a smart casual vibe.

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• Choose Well Constructed Clothing: Many tailored pieces are lined with polyester fabric to keep the weight low. The flip side of this is that it hampers breathability. If you are getting yourself custom tailored apparels that you can wear during the summer, ensure that they are constructed well-using cotton, linen or lightweight wool, only. This way you will still have something really good and comfortable to wear during the warmer months of the year.

• Lighten up the Shade: Here we touch upon basic school level science. Light colours absorb less heat. Now, apply this logic to apparel and it will automatically make sense as to why you need to choose light colours in the shades of blue, red, white, beige, green, brown and more. Not only do they look good and match with the splendid vibe of the summer season, but they will also keep you cool.

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