Let’s Get Checked

The plaid shirt is a classic outfit whose roots belong here in the UK. It has a history that goes back to Scotland. Just like denim jeans, checked shirts have been in trend with the members of each passing generation. This has everything to do with it its versatility. Well, you already know that! You can pair them with denim jeans, chinos shorts and more. Plaid works in a wide variety of dressing scenarios. The rocking good looks and versatility of these shirts make them a wardrobe essential.

We are proud to say that at Niro Fashion we always keep a great stock of plaid shirts. The products that make up this collection are top-notch designer items. Our collection of plaid shirts is made up of the latest iterations from Hugo Boss, Carhartt, Paul Smith and Evisu just to name a few. Rest assured you won’t have to look anywhere else to get your hands on some awesome pieces.

To style a plaid shirt, all you need is a grasp of how colours and the checked pattern works with the rest of the apparel that you are wearing. Remember that the widely accepted norm says that large checks are more casual and the smaller ones are smarter and more formal. Also, if you are looking to incorporate the style of plaid shirts into your smart wardrobe, ensure that you pick out darker and neutral colours. The brighter colours are best left reserved for use with denim jeans and chino trousers. Having said that, now let us look at some styles that are capable of stirring up a storm around you.

red plaid shirt

• Denim and Plaid: There is something magical about wearing plaid shirts with denim apparel. It is like they are made for each other. Denim is a rugged fabric and plaid shirts, especially the ones with larger patterns compliment this inherent attribute of denim fabric. Start off with the evergreen red plaid shirt and indigo denim jeans combination. If you are looking to make things particularly interesting, throw on a denim jacket that matches the colour of your denim jeans with this attire. If you want an equally good-looking alternative, plaid shirt in cool colour tones like green, blue and grey worn with black denim jeans and sneakers also work well.

checked shirts with small patterns

• Suit: Can’t deny the fact that suits can get a little boring, especially with everyone around you always seen wearing almost the same colours. Solid coloured shirts also tend to make this monotony worse. What your suit needs is a touch of flair to make you stand out. Remember how checked shirts with small patterns are ideal for formal wear? Time to use this! Create interest by using a neutral tone, like blue for example. Make sure that the rest of your attire including your suit including the tie is not styled with patterns.

stonewashed plaid shirt

• Grunge: Although not popular today in its original form, this memorable style of the 1990s is still alive. The grunge look is all about keeping things raw and neat at the same time. The core of the grunge look centres around wearing a rugged stonewashed plaid shirt with ripped denim jeans and leaving the shirt buttons open. This means you have in your hands a swell way to work with t-shirts as well. Your imagination is your only limitation when working with the grunge rock style!

Add the awesomeness of checked shirts to your style with our collection of plaid shirts and denim jeans now!