An Ideal Gift for a Man

A wallet is an ideal gift for a man. It is a gift that suits every occasion, moreover, it is practical and also a very useful accessory that is guaranteed to be used by the receiver. It could be your brother’s graduation day, your father’s anniversary, or your friend’s birthday, whatever the occasion, this is a perfect gift to present to that important man in your life. Men, unlike most women, use a single wallet for a very long time unless they have passion or hobby for collecting them. Men store all important stuff in their wallets and hence cannot do without a wallet, ever.

Wallets come in different shapes and forms and their quality varies depending on the material that has been used. If it is a close relative or a friend of yours you would already know what kind of wallet the person likes. Otherwise, you can gift him a unique wallet with many uses, so that he can try something different for once at least.

Based on the needs and requirements of an individual the fashion designers have come up with different types of wallets for men. The most common and widely used ones among them are:

  • Bifold Wallet: This is one of the most common types of wallets we see, and it is literally used by every man on earth at least once in his lifetime. It is a very practical design and usually contains several slots to hold a number of credit cards and visiting cards. Some even come with mesh window pockets for ID photos. They come in various materials like leather, denim, faux leather, etc. However, the most durable and the most elegant are the leather ones. If it is for an older man like your father or uncle, you can opt for a sophisticated Armani or an RMC Jeans leather wallet. If it is for a younger person like your brother or a nephew, you can opt for something unique from wallets by Bangers and Mash as they come in some awesome fun prints like Roulette, Football, Soldiers, etc.
Football wallet for men
  • Trifold Wallet: This is a wallet that folds into three parts and usually has more space compared to the bifold. However, since it can be bulkier, not many grownup men go for it, although there are many who prefer only these. They have ample space for all the cards and currencies. They have several slots to hold cards and they have side pockets in which you can place your currency. Some also come with a coin pouch with a zip closure which protects the coins from falling out. For a stylish looking men’s trifold wallet opt for one which comes with a string closure and also has a ring to hang by. These too come in a variety of material. However, the elegance of a black or a white grained Italian leather wallet cannot be matched to anything.
RMC Jeans wallet
  • The Travel Wallet: This is a wallet that is longer than the other two wallets and is also known by the name cheque book wallet. This can hold all your currencies vertically and also can hold your cheque books, which is good for business travels. You can also keep all your other essentials like your cards, coins, keys, etc. in this wallet. This type of wallet is perfect for a person who travels a lot. The travel wallets also come in a variety of materials, but leather is the most durable one.
travel wallets

They will be a practical and very useful gift and will be much appreciated by the one who receives the gift.