How to Style Oxfords

A man’s wardrobe is simply incomplete without a pair of Oxford Shoes. If smart dressing completes a man’s style then Oxford shoes complete smart dressing itself. Today they are a standard choice for a footwear when suiting up. They are classics and are widely accepted in almost every dress code, including the most sophisticated ones like red carpet events. But unlike monk shoes, they were not born in the cradle of aristocracy even though they are an integral part of it today.

Mens Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes first came into existence when students at Oxford University began to wear half boots as a sign of rebellion against the traditional knee-high boots that were popularly worn at that time during the early 19th century. These half boots were significantly more comfortable and better looking than the traditional knee-high boots. Men started to take notice of this trend started by the students and began to accept it into their own style. As the half-boots began to spread their wings of popularity they were given the nickname ‘Oxonian shoes’ for the first time.

Disanto Oxford Shoes

After reaching as far as Scotland at that time there were many changes introduced to the Oxonians, including laces and reduced ankle lengths. As a tribute to the ancestors of the shoes, they were later called Oxfords. Today Oxford shoes are much more than shoes that you would wear with a suit. You can wear them with many different styles, making them a very versatile pair of shoes as well. Let us quickly take a look at some hot styles, shall we?

• Full Contrast: The effectiveness of the combination of black and white is hard to match. Pair black chinos or denim jeans with a white shirt and Oxford shoes for a simple yet discernible look. To give this style a more progressive look you can throw a jacket on top of a white T-shirt swapped in for a white shirt.

• The Executive Look: Consider this look like a smarter version of a smart casual look. Instead of Chinos, you would be completing it with a pair of well ironed tailored trousers. Top it up with a shirt that accentuates the colour of the trousers and complete them with black or brown coloured Oxford shoes depending on the colour of your trousers.

Designer Oxford shoes

• Suit Up: You didn’t think that we were going to exclude suits out of this list, did you? Oxford shoes and suits are a match made in heaven. Throw on a grey coloured suit with a white dress shirt and a solid coloured tie. Complete this look with a pair of brown coloured Oxford shoes for a classy looking formal attire. You can dress this look down by swapping out your white shirt for a black knitted pullover and black Oxford shoes as well.

• Casual Look: Even though it is really hard to create a casual look that will rival the playfulness of the ones that involve trainer shoes, you can create a casual style that is today and has a signature sophisticated aura to it. Pair oxford shoes with relaxed blue denim jeans and a white t-shirt. Muted colours always seem to work the best when styling Oxford shoes.

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