Men’s Styling Guide and Tips to Dress Up for a Smart Casual Look

There is no denying the fact that jeans and t-shirt with sneakers is the default casual look for men but if you wear it everywhere all the time, you might come across as underdressed or someone too lazy to dress well. There is nothing wrong with having that label if you are intentional about having a laid-back look but if you wish to disassociate yourself from this label, read on. Here are a few tips for dressing up and a general styling guide for men:

• Overdress a Bit If Unsure: Well this is the classic case of having a tool when you don’t need it against not having it when needed. If you are a bit overdressed, you would look well put together and let me be frank here it is not something bad. Showing up in clothing that can be considered too laid back might invite flak.


• Don’t Combine too Many Colours or Styles: Unless you are sure that a colour combination or incorporating two or more different styles works, avoid it. Colours that either don’t match or complement each other are less probable to make you look good. You might want to invest in some neutral coloured long sleeve shirts for a smart casual look.

• Get Groomed Regularly: Shave regularly, if you choose to have a stubble look or a beard, keep it well-trimmed and tidy. If you have picked one of those masculine beard shapes, invest some time and money in an oil massage, shampoo, and trimming routine.

Armani Jeans black belt

• Leather Belt and a Watch: A brown or black leather belt is a must-have accessory for men as an elegant belt can add class to a smart casual look. If possible, invest in a classic watch, not one of those digital smartwatches that help you track your fitness goals or one of those big fake-looking shiny ones.

• Get the Right Fit: Knowing your size and fit is very important as you would lose mobility of hip joints by wearing jeans that are too tight besides making you feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you wear clothes that are too loose, you might end up looking sloppy.

Designer Oxford shoes

• Leather Lace-Up Shoes: Be it brogues, derby, Chelsea, dress boots, or Oxford shoes, having a pair of black or brown leather shoes is a must for men of all ages. Also, you can’t simply wear them, you would have to keep them extremely neat and well-polished at all times.

• Don’t Invest too Much in Fast Fashion: When it comes to menswear, investing in classic pieces will be more rewarding than any of these flash trends that go even before they arrive. Buying fewer high-quality apparel will always turn out to be a better shopping strategy than buying a cart-full of low price fast fashion clothes.

So, if you add some classic styles to your smart casual look, you would look better than exploring trendy new looks as they come. As a general rule, it is better to avoid shocking patterns and colours for a smart casual look.