Gilets for Autumn

The chill of the autumn weather is in the air and we have officially set foot in the colder times of the year with winter to follow suit. This means that it is time to break out warm clothing. Although the autumn season does not come with the biting cold of the winter season, the weather does get nippy. This transitional time requires clothing that is not so thick, yet warm at the same time. One of the essentials for autumn is a jacket. If you are looking to try something new this season, then we highly recommend introducing the gilet into your fashion.

A gilet is a type of a waistcoat and a puffy one at that. That cosy look of gilets is a great way for you to add some variety into your casual fashion. Its lightweight and highly stylish appearance make it a fashionable option that you can also use through the winter season as well. The most interesting part about the gilet is that it can do things that only a few other items of clothing can, which is to regulate your body temperature both inside and out. Like we have already covered, it is neither too thin nor too bulky, it is just perfect. So here are some awesome tips to help you put the gilet into good use.

Mens RMC Gilets

There are two basic ways to go about using the gilet. One entails wearing it over something and the second, wearing it underneath. What we mean is, you can use it to layer up or you can wear it on top of your ensemble. At Niro Fashion, we have with us an awesome collection of gilets that are made up of a wide variety of colours and fabrics. The ones from Scotch and Soda and Carhartt are the classic ‘puffed up’ designs and the others like the ones from RMC jeans are uniquely different. These options will help you find the right men’s gilet for a wide variety of dressing scenarios.

RMC MKWS Red Gilet for men

First up, you can introduce them into your casual fashion with hardly any thought at all since they appear to be a natural fit into your casual wardrobe. Try the ‘wearing it over’ approach and start off by simply substituting it for your bulky coat. Especially during the autumn, you can simply wear it over a plaid shirt or pullovers. The collection from RMC jeans is the perfect apparel for you to try this look. Designed to look sporty and colourful, RMC has managed to execute its usual signature styling cues with this one. The lack of that ‘puffy’ look of the RMC MKWS gilets makes it the ideal lightweight option when you have decided to step outside dressing in your denim jeans and chinos.

gilet from Scotch and Soda

Alternatively, the classic puffy looking gilets from Scotch and Soda and Carhartt can be under multiple dressing choices. If you particularly enjoy wearing tailored apparel then these the single coloured gilet from Scotch and Soda with go perfectly well with your ensemble when worn under an overcoat. It is not going to look out of place and is going to keep you warm and cosy while you are out. Its lack of sleeve and lightweight make sure that you do not have any restrictions in terms of your upper body movement as well.

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