The Power of Two

The world of sports and movies are no strangers to the concept of duos. A due comprises of two special people who come together to do epic things. It is like they are half of a single superpower and when they came together magic happens. From real-life sports duos known for creating history, like Wayne Rooney and Ronaldo for example, to fictitious ones like Batman and Robin, duos ooze awesomeness from every vein in their body. There is something fantastic about two great entities coming together to accomplish unreal things.

The world of fashion is no exception to the magic of duos. No, we are not talking about people like Dan and Dean Caten, the famous duo who founded the brand Dsquared2. We are talking about fashion apparel themselves. Two clothing items that come together to create a fantastic outfit. That’s what we are going to explore today. These combinations include simple apparels that complement each other so well that they create a special mesmerizing style that shows no signs of going out of trend.

Aquascutum white t-shirt

• Green Bomber Jacket & White T-shirt: Bomber jackets are lightweight and very practical. What makes them a fashion essential is their physique flattering appearance. A neat bomber jacket in olive green colour, worn over a white crew neck t-shirt is a style statement that is going to accentuate your style like very few other apparels can do. Check out our collection of bomber jackets from RMC jeans to get in on the fashion quotient that this duo holds for you.

Armani jumper

• Double-Breasted Blazer & Crew Neck: The double-breasted blazer has an extraordinary look. It looks completely different from the very common single-breasted blazer. It adds oodles of sophistication to your style. Couple the flair of a double-breasted jacket with a crew neck jumper to create one of the most interesting style statements you will ever make. These two men’s apparels make a great duo indeed.

black denim jeans with leather jacket

• Leather Jacket & Black Jeans: The monochrome appeal of a black leather jacket and black denim jeans are considered to be the embodiment of masculinity by almost every fashion guru. Even if you are not particularly a fan of the biker boy look, you simply have no choice but to revel in the awesome image that it is going to create for you. The Sugarcane leather jacket in black and a pair of slim fit denim jeans in black from our collection of denim jeans from Versace jeans are what you need.

Scotch and Soda sweatshirt in grey

• Sweatshirt & Chinos: Many fashion purists consider a sweatshirt to be the choice of a man who does not pay a lot of attention to his style. But a good looking solid coloured sweatshirt in neutral colour tones when paired with a pair of chinos can make an awesome ensemble. Try a grey sweatshirt with a pair of cobalt blue chinos to get an idea of what we are trying to say.

RMC MKWS flannel shirt

• Flannel Shirt & Jeans: The main reason why a flannel shirt and denim jeans make an awesome duo can be attributed to the similarity in the nature of their fabrics. Both these items are rugged and tough. There is no surprise in the fact that they can make you look like an absolute bad ass when worn together. This is something you definitely do not want to miss.

So what are you waiting for?