Why Should you Own Desert Boots

The desert boot is a very important part of a man’s wardrobe. It is a fashion essential that you simply can’t afford to ignore. Think of it as one of the hard hitters in your wardrobe. Popularly called ‘Chukka Boots’, desert boots are a great way to get a better understanding of the effectiveness of versatile footwear. Wear them with a suit, it takes that formal edge off them. Swap them over trainer shoes with denim jeans, they give your attire that mature look which men all over the world are trying hard to master. There are plenty of ways to rock desert boots.

There are two basic types of desert boots. On the one hand, you have desert boots made of suede and then there are the boots made from leather. Suede desert boots are the most common type. They come in a variety of colours and shades. This means you get variety with them like you would with sports shoes and trainers. All of this while you get that coveted mature look with your casual and smart casual attire. The neutral shades of suede desert boots make it very easy to team them with most outfits.

Leather desert boots are way more intriguing than suede boots. They are a great alternative to the suede boots, especially if you enjoy the sophistication of leather footwear. Leather boots are more durable and are significantly easier to maintain than suede shoes. Paired with a suit they emulate formality but can still be teamed with jeans for a casual day out. The versatility of desert boots can be truly realized when you wear them in leather.

At Niro fashion, we have a great collection of desert boots from Clark’s original.

Clarks Originals Beeswax Desert Boots

• Beeswax: The old school look of the beeswax leather desert boot makes for an extremely interesting look. The rustic look of the boots with the pale coloured sole is going to ensure that you stand out in a crowd full of men. This one in particular is quite a rare creation from the Godfather of the desert boot, Clark’s Originals.

Clarks Originals Soft Blue Grey Desert Boots

• Soft Blue Grey: This one is for the denim jeans lovers out there. If your favourite choice for wearing with blue denim jeans was trainer shoes, we think that there is a high chance of these soft blue desert boots from Clarks Originals replacing them as your go-to choice. If you are someone who believes that footwear can be the difference between a superb ensemble and a train wreck, try these shoes on the next time you are getting decked up for a night out at the pub.

• Cola: Versatile, good-looking and extremely stylish, the 1950s cola suede desert boots are an absolute stunner. The original old school style of the 50s is prevalent in these shoes. They work just as well with denim jeans as they do with tailored trousers. This one is simply too good to ignore.

Clarks Originals Oakwood Desert Boots

• Oakwood: Another brilliant set of boots that ooze the badass charm of the 1950s, the Oakwood suede desert boots with the crepe sole are another great addition to your wardrobe. It is a great way to spice up your casual fashion and to give it the interest that it deserves.

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