Old Christmas Versus New Christmas. Merry Christmas!

There is a sense of familiarity when it starts to snow, and the streets and shops start decking up for the biggest day of the year, Christmas! There is some kind of nostalgia lingering on the back of everyone’s mind during this time of the year. It is the nature of the festive season. Many have cherished memories of Christmas. Although amongst today’s earning population, many can whip up an awesome Christmas, they will still be nostalgic about Christmas in the good old days when they were kids.

Unlike today where everything is abundant, the days gone by had simplicity. Today while the mobile keeps the family apart, those days there was but just one television for the entire family, and fewer channels. So it was a big thing to get ready to watch a particular Christmas movie as a family that would be scheduled on television.

Today we can buy almost anything over the internet, order all your gifts, decorations and errands online. In the older days, it was a big event for the family to visit the supermarkets and malls with a huge list in the hands of parents to buy all the necessary items from the shops. Then they would tick each item to know if they got them all or not.

Today sending Christmas greetings are easy, just send a greeting over Facebook, WhatsApp, or five dozen other another medium of your choice. Social media and these apps have removed the challenges associated with communicating with someone who is far away and have brought people closer. In olden days we sent out greeting cards to all the near and dear ones. We had to post them weeks before so that they reached them on time for Christmas via snail mail. Children and adults also used to put a lot of work into sending handmade greetings to their loved ones.

Merry Christmas

Today we can order any food online and it will be delivered to our doorstep, but those times were wonderful when mothers and grandmothers would slave all day in the kitchen to whip up those delicious Christmas treats, special lunch and dinner for the entire family. It would taste so much better just because of the anticipation itself!

Mobile phones can click an infinite number of pics and you also can instantly upload them on all the social media platforms. Back in the day, we had to wait for several days or even weeks before the photos came back printed. Also since one roll was limited to a certain number of pics, say around 30, we had to click only a few precious and important moments, that is why the old albums are so much more cherished because there was a limitation. It is also easier to remember every pic unlike today where most of it just stays stored in our phones and we don’t even look back at most of them.

Back in the day, people had to create most of their decorations on their own, and the decorations were stored carefully so that they can be used for several years. Today it is not the same, we neither have time to create our decorations, and we do not intend to save them for next year, as next year many of us order new stuff online.

Things have changed so much from a few decades ago to now, but the Christmas spirit is still the same! Maybe we can recreate some of the old world magic and teach our children how valuable each thing is this Christmas.

Merry Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas to One and All from All of Us at Niro Fashion!

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