A Jewel to Your Collection of Books

Aloha Fashion Rock Stars! How is fashion treating you? Wondering who the fashion rock stars are? The real rock stars of fashion are the ones who create it. Yes, we are referring to fashion designers. It is because of them that the fashion world is alive and kicking. They have something new to bring to this world each day. It is amazing how creativity comes from unknown alleys into their brains. It is a miracle indeed! The amount of hard work they put in to bring life to a costume is mesmerizing. Well, we have something that can help inspire designers. Curious to know what it is? They are some limited-edition books that are not easily available everywhere. Fashion designers are always looking for inspiration and are also interested in the origin and history of various fashion trends. Although anyone can buy these books, since the written content in the book is all in Japanese, maybe it is better suited for those creators who can read the Japanese language.

Japan Jacket book

Well, these books are precious as they contain a lot of history of the Aloha shirts or more popularly known around the world as Hawaiian shirts. There are many hardcore fans of Hawaiian shirts and they love to collect the vintage Hawaiian shirts. If you are a student of fashion or just beginning your career, these books are great to get a good insight into the history of these beautiful shirts as well as some of the mind-boggling designs and patterns. The designs are certainly going to set your creative juices flowing. There are also books on Japan Jackets or popularly known as Suka Jackets. These are souvenir jackets that are extremely popular in Japan. Any visitor to the country of Japan will be introduced to these jackets and many visitors take them back as souvenirs to gift to their loved ones. The elaborate handmade embroideries just blow your mind.

Aloha shirt book

These books are not just intended for designers, but can also be bought by those who love to collect limited edition books and other people involved with the fashion world. They could be a great coffee table book at your office or your home. The Aloha book is covered with the Hawaiian shirt fabric itself and looks fantastic. The bright colours and the beautiful prints will immediately grab the attention of the visitor to your office or guest at your home.

This will be another great jewel in your collection of books. There is only a limited number of Aloha books available and just one single copy of the Japan Jacket book available. Don’t you want to hurry before they are all gone?