Is Denim Jeans with T-shirt a Lazy Look for Men or an Essential Casual Look?

If you follow a few fashion blogs for men, you would soon realize that there are a good number of men out there who project men wearing jeans and t-shirts as lazy, childish and underdressed. We at Niro Fashion believe that whilst there are occasions, events, and venues where you need to dress up in a certain way, jeans and t-shirt with a pair of sneakers is more than just a default casual look for men.

T-shirt Jeans Look

First off, men cannot, and also do not have to wear bespoke suits 365 days of the year and critiquing jeans and t-shirt wearing men as poorly dressed is probably being done in a bad taste. The combo is possibly the most essential casual look for men around the globe. If we were in the Matrix, almost all men would have the jeans and t-shirt look as their residual self-image (mental projection of one’s digital self). And yes, we at Niro Fashion are huge movie buffs who like to discuss looks of different actors, their personal fashion choices and how they differ or resemble the style of various characters they play on-screen. Eureka! There will be a blogpost about this soon.

Coming back to the topic, some of the bloggers who criticize this look more often than not do so because they come across some bizarre combinations that make the subject look sloppy and slovenly. Well, such criticism is well-intentioned as some combinations just don’t work. So, if they advise men to avoid such combinations, it is a piece of good advice as the whole dressing-well game is based developing an eye for those subtle nuances and attention to details. Also, some combinations are just impossible to pull off.

Mens Nature Printed t-shirt

Here are two tips that can help in pulling off this look:

Tip#1: An easy rule to dressing up well is to “be intentional about your fashion choices.” You do not necessarily have to shell big bucks to achieve a decent look but commonly, designer apparel will make you look more polished. Being intentional about your choices also means you should know if what you are planning to wear for the evening is a good fit for the occasion. You do not want to wear a printed t-shirt that has a subliminal message printed on it for an evening opening at an art gallery.

T-shirt for Men

Tip#2: We cannot emphasize enough on the next rule, which is “know your size.” Wearing a close fit mens t-shirt suits well for those with a slim torso to athletic build and everything in between but if you are overweight, you better stay away from those body-hugging t-shirts. Whilst a closely fit t-shirt worn by someone overweight with a protruding tummy would not look good, similarly, men with a slim build wearing a bigger size appears sloppy.

We hope that these tips will help you in developing an eye for better combinations, picking the right size for your body type, and dressing up appropriately for different occasions. Keep watching this space for more tips, suggestions, and style advice.